Natal Praias

Areia Preta

Praia de Areia Preta

The Areia Preta Beach is located on Avenue Via Costeira in Natal RN.

There’s a difference between other urban beaches: sand is dark, which explains its name.

Is a beach marked by the presence of luxurious buildings, because real estate appreciation of the neighborhood, but this does not compromise the beauty of the landscape made up by the sea and a significant amount of rocks that characterize the landscape and form natural pools when the tide is low.

There is as well which is located the Sundial. According to the position of the star, a shadow is produced on the fixed pin on flat surface marked with points, which indicate the time.

The Areia Preta Beach is also known as Miami Beach, referring to the time of the second world war, in which the Americans have installed an air base in Natal RN, and frequented the place.

Forte Beach

Praia do Forte
Forte Beach, as its name betrays, is a must for anyone who wants to go beyond the sun and sea tourism and has an interest in knowing a little more about the history of Natal RN and the relationship of this city with World War II.

It is located just after the Meio Beach. That’s where the date of the Potengi River with the Atlantic Ocean.

The Forte dos Reis Magos is shaped like a five-pointed star. It was built with granite stones brought from Portugal, lime and whale oil.

It was the starting point of colonization of the city and served as American base during World War II. In each one of the points of the star, there’s even today original cannons that weigh between 400 and 800 kg.

The beach has several rock formations which influences the existence of natural pools and the calm of its waters. The fortress is open for visiting and you can meet your interior paying a nominal fee.

To get there you need to park there are 500 metres and follow a path where passing is not allowed.

The view is beautiful and worth the catwalk walk.

Meio Beach

Praia do Meio

Located between the beaches of Fort and artists, the Meio Beach has been one of the busiest urban beaches of Natal RN, but lost this post to Ponta Negra Beach.

Is in the sands of the beach of the kind you will have a date with Iemanjá.

On new year’s Eve people of the candomblé and related beliefs record a great movement near the statue of the sea goddess in African cult.There is as well which is located the Reis Magos Hotel – off line – but who for many years was the largest and most popular hotel in the city.

On the edge of the beach there are several restaurants and kiosks that serve typical dishes of the regional cuisine.

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