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Contributions to the Gallery: Ari Schmidt, Gilberto Florentino, José de Lima, Katherine Carvalho, Max Mafaldo, Paula Geórgia

Wonderful Pipa Tours

The Pipa Beach is the hottest beach of Natal RN. Is located on the South coast, 90 kilometers from Natal. This beach has a cosmopolitan style, a lot of people leave their hometown to live there. She merges simplicity with luxury – what makes it charming. Pipa Beach is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

The ride to pipa can go from rental car, van/Micro-bus tour that is what you can book here, or buggy. If you prefer to go buggy hire a buggy drivers reminding that the same must be accredited. Your safety should come first and here in our Portal, just below you can ensure your ride, this in the case of VAN or Micro-bus, if you want to perform the buggy. We work only with accredited buggy drivers and able to carry out your ride in the best possible way.

The tour proceed by South Coast bordering always by the sea beaches.

In this way we have a few mandatory stops, some of which is in beautiful cliffs of Tabatinga , known as Mirante Tabatinga, because the lovely view afforded from the top – ideal place for pictures that can turn beautiful postcards.

Continuing the tour, before reaching the Pipa Beach is inevitable to meet the Ponta do Madeiro Beach, which is only 5 kilometers. The access until there’s stairs, due to the size of the beautiful cliffs. You can observe dolphins toasting their visit with much joy. The place is beautiful.

Arriving in Pipa Beach

You will be accosted by salespeople offering boat trips, where you will get to know more of the region entitled the explanation made by the guides and also see dolphins. If you have time take advantage of and include this tour to your itinerary.
Still on Pipa Beach you can meet an ecological sanctuary with diversity in flora and fauna. On the beaches around you can find various tours, as the boat ride, ride, quadricycle ride and much more in our beautiful Natal Rn.
Learn more about PIPA in Natal Praias website made for you Pipa Inns.
Optional: Boat ride or boat in the Baia de Golfinhos
Total duration: Approx. 7hrs
Output: Daily
* Investment: R$ 50.00 per person
* Values may change according to period. Please Consult

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, on all tours, we seek and we left in hotels and hostels in Natal.

Yes, possibly in 5:00 that remained on the beach, you can enjoy dolphins, but we do not warrant. To have more concrete odds, you can include the optional boat trip (R$ 35.00 per person), which leads to the baia dos golfinhos.


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