Natal Praias

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Contributions to the Gallery: Ari Schmidt, Gilberto Florentino, José de Lima, Katherine Carvalho, Max Mafaldo, Paula Geórgia

Buggy Ride in Genipabu

Buggy Ride in Genipabu Surely you’ve heard of the famous Buggy Ride, the beautiful sand dunes, and the classical question of buggy drivers: “wish with emotion or without emotion?”

Of course, our visitors are brave, in their vast majority, and are looking for a ride with a lot of adrenaline.

They almost always choose to do the tours with a lot of emotion, and so be it. This script is part of the Nalt tours you can enjoy eight beaches on the North Coast (Redinha, Santa Rita, Genipabu, Barra do Rio, Graçandú, Pitangui, Jacumã and Muriú), as well as the famous Via Costeira, two ponds, fixed and mobile dunes and the fun “aerobundas” and skybunda.

This tour will be an unforgettable moment in your life.

Duration: Approx. 7hrs
* Optional: Dromedaries, “Aerobundas” and Skybunda.
Daily Departures
* Does not include optional
* Investment:
R$ 520.00 in cash (buggy with capacity for 4 people)
R$ 130.00 in cash, per person in group training system (joint)
* Values can suffer alteration according to period. Please Consult!

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Frquently Asked Questions

In all Tours, we pick up and leave you at the hotels and inns in Natal.

The ferry’s fee is R$40. It must be paid during the crossing to the ferryman.

No. The buggy can have 4 people (5 with the buggy driver), all must go seated.

No. They are optional and will be your choice to do them or not.

*Dromedaries R$55 (25 mins), Aerobunda and Skybunda R$ 13,00 each

* Values can suffer variation, for more or less.

The official language is portuguese. If you need a guide that speaks another language, there’s an extra investment. (check)

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