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Diving in Maracajau

Maracajaú Beach is located at 60 kilometers from Natal RN.

You can dive with the fishes and contemplate a sea of crystal clear waters and lush. If you don’t know the Caribbean, no problem, here you will meet Brazilian Caribbean.

The way to the Parachos to perform the Diving in Maracajau and natural pools can be done by speedboat or catamaran. We indicate the speedboat ride by being faster and enjoyable. The route is approximately 7 kilometers sea inside, until you reach the support platform, where the blue paradise of transparent waters awaits you with several species of fish for your enjoyment.

The tour includes visit to the Punaú Beach, with its dunes, coconut trees, river and sea gathering all landscapes in one place. On the sidewalk are included, round-trip journey, catamaran/Boat, mask and snorkel.

Total duration: Approx. 7hrs

Daily Output: According to Tabuá, please!

* Optional: Diving cylinder (R$ 95.00 per person).

Comments: Child up to 5 years cannot go scuba diving. From 6 to 9 years have 50% discount.

* Does not include optional

* Investment:

R$ 110.00 card per person CATAMARAN

R$ 120.00 card per person SPEED BOAT

* Values can suffer alteration according to period. Please Check!

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Frquently Asked Questions

In all Tours, we pick up and leave you at the hotels and inns in Natal.

Speed Boat: Smaller ship, small quantity of passengers and faster.

Catamaran: Bigger ship, large quantity of passengers and slow.

The snorkel dive lasts for about 1h30 (an hour and a half).

The cilinder dive lasts around 30 minutes.

Yes. The tour includes basic equipment (snorkel and mask) for shallow diving.

Yes, but for the cilinder dive, you must invest R$100 extra, and pay at the site.

For safety reasons and the rules of Capitania dos Portos (coast guard), children below the age of 6 cannot board ship, neither dive.

Yes. The value will be halved, but it is worth noting that you won’t be able to board ship.

You can hire the services of the professionals available at the place.

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