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The Best Tours in Natal Awaits for You

Tours in Natal Below you’ll have the 3 favorite rides in Natal. They are our bestselling packages. We also have other incredible options for you to enjoy the best of your vacations in Natal.

That is why I’m going to ask you. Are you looking for a lot of sun, beach, fun, tree shadows and coconut water?

Then you’re undoubtedly found what you wanted, enjoy Natal in your next trip.

Plan already your tours throughout the Rio Grande do Norte Coast.

Praia de Pipa - Tibau do Sul

The Most Beautiful in Brazil – Tours in Natal

The famous and paradisiacal Pipa Beach gets visited from people all around the world. Was already in the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil list, which is an easy to understand title once you get to know this paradise.

Passeio de Buggy Genipabu

With or without adrenaline?

The Buggy trip through the Genipabu’s dunes is essential in your trip plans. Adrenaline, fun, the wind through your hair, beautiful landscape in the north coast of the state, those are just some of the favorite destinations to go in Natal. Know more…

Mergulho Maracajau

In Touch with Nature

Be dazzled with the natural beauties in this must-go trip to Maracajaú. Dive and contemplate the well-known “RN’s Caribe”. The diving area has coral reefs formed 4.3 miles away of the coast. This beach is part of the Best Tours Natal route.


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Know more about another trips and part of the touristic places of Natal, enjoy!

Touristic Places in Natal



Morro do Careca

The most remarkable landscape in Natal, without a shred of doubt, is the Morro do Careca.

It is located in the beach of Ponta Negra. The place is a big dune where people used to go tobogganing in the sand.

Nowadays it’s not possible to climb the dune, but still worth going to the place and contemplate the wonderful view, even from afar. In the night the place gets a very special lightning scheme, making the trip even more amazing.






Parrachos de Maracajau

Passeio em Maracajaú

If you love the sea wild life this is the best place you can go.

The tour starts into a van that takes us to the beautiful beach of Maracajáu located 37 miles from Natal. The way follows to the sea, into a boat. You will then get to the parrachos, coral reefs that builds natural pools.

Once you’re in the crystal clear sea you can take part in the diving sessions next to the surface using a snorkel. Or if you already have diving experience you’re allowed to try a deeper experience.

Forte dos Reis Magos

O Que Fazer em Natal Forte dos Reis Magos

The Forte dos Reis Magos is one of the most known symbols of Natal. It was the very first building in the city, its construction dates from 1598. With a strategic localization the fortress had the initial porpoise of defending the region of invasion forces.

For the bet experience choose the guided visit through the inside of the fortress. This way you’ll have a guide to explain with many details all the history behind the place and how it used to work. With the guide you get to know the workings of each room and how life used to be inside the walls.

Obs: The Forte dos Reis Magos is currently unavailable for visits due to a process of revitalization.

Tour though the city

To know the historical part of Natal you can hire a city tour service, this kind of trip is made by many trip business emprises. In a day you can go to many places in the city, the trip includes visits to Forte dos Reis Magos, the old prison, the Yacht Club, as well as historical churches and many more.

However, this tour is best suited for short trips, when you have too little time to know everything. If that is not your case it’s better to go to this places by yourself, that way you can guarantee a more personalized experience.

Potiguar Handicraft Shopping

Want to gift your family and friends with a little something? Well, the best place to find what you want is in the Potiguar Handicraft Shopping (Shopping Artesanato Potiguar), the biggest mall place in the city, full of stores with various kinds of products.

There is also other stores all around Ponta Negra that offers many kinds of dehydrated foods, many kinds of drinks and a lot of items that are typical of the place. It’s really worth to get in touch with the local gastronomy and handicraft, it’s a great way to stay in touch with the culture of RN.

Ponta Negra


If you’re looking for great structure the best option is to book a room in one of the hotels in Ponta Negra, it’s the best block of Natal when it comes to touristic infrastructure. In Ponta Negra is located the most trendy beach of the capital, the Beach of Ponta Preta, that has many barracks with chairs and tables for you to enjoy the sand, water, and a bit of sun.
Also, in the edge of the beach you can find many restaurants with a great variety of local foods. With just a few steps you can find a place to please your belly.

In this block is also located one of the city’s wonders, the Morro of Careca, there is a great view of the place.

Even with some waves the beach please everybody once they break far from the sand making a beautiful and calm place for the swimmers to take a nice and relaxing bath at the sea.

Praia do Cotovelo

Praia de Cotovelo - RN

If you want a less trendy beach a good place to go is the Beach of Cotovelo, said by many to be the best beach in the whole Natal. There you can find a place with less people and a still stunning visual that is sure to take your breath away. Besides the blue sky, the nature gifts you with beautiful cliffs and a crystal clear sea. The access to the beach is really easy; you can even make it via bus trip.

Natal’s Center of Tourism

To know better about the potiguar’s culture is worth checking out the old detention facility, nowadays the building is used to host the Center of Tourism. There you can find the modern and classic art gallery where you can learn more about the folklore of the place. You can also find a popular market place full of goodies.

You can also see the “forró with tourist” every Thursday night. The event is basically a show of “forró” with dancers that in the middle of the presentation invites the tourists to take part in the show. It’s an event with a lot of good vibes and a very funny night.

World’s Biggest Cashew Tree

Don’t think that you can go back to your country without getting to know this ancient attraction of Natal: The World’s biggest cashew tree.

With an impressive size the tree has a 8.500m² crown, with a tangle of twigs, branches and vines. Your imposing size the tree is featured in the Guiness Book, taking the official title of biggest cashew tree in the world,

If you can make to the place in the crop time, between September and December, you can taste the sweet cashews while you explore the place around the tree.

In the place there is a handicraft market, a deck for great pics and many restaurants.

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