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South Coast: 15 Amazing beaches of Rio Grande do Norte -Brazil

Tabatinga - RN

South Coast : Not to be missed in Barra de Tabatinga, or simply in Tabatinga Beach, is the visit to the Mirante dos Golfinhos, located on a cliff. With luck, you can see-when the tide is full-dolphins have fun and give shows fast in the water.

Another attraction is the lagoon of Arituba where you can take a tour of paddleboats and kayak.

The Woods preserved around the pond can also be known during a walk of quadricycle. Not to be missed is the opportunity to practice adventure sports activity called zipline. In the pond the visitor also enjoys the tents with seafood dishes.

Despite being located only 45 kilometers from Natal RN after the Búzios Beach, where the sea is rough, Tabatinga’s lower natural pools suitable for shower formed by reefs.

There is also possible to have hang gliding and paragliding lessons due to good speed of the winds and the cliffs.

Not to be missed in Barra de Tabatinga, or simply in Tabatinga Beach, is the visit to the Mirante dos Golfinhos, located on a cliff. With luck, you can see-when the tide is full-dolphins have fun and give shows fast in the water.

Barra de Cunhaú

Barra de Cunhau -RN
Located 85 kilometers from Natal RN, on the South coast, Barra de Cunhaú belongs to the municipality of Canguaretama. As the main waters are calm – due to the river flowing into the sea-people who have the impression of being in front of a pond instead of the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting of the River with the sea is essential to the existence of mangroves, natural habitat of crabs-dish much appreciated in the region.
The Cunhaú River and the entire coastline are ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, Jet skiing and water skiing. There also exists a Yacht Club, which encourages the practice and conducts recreational activities like rides on sail boats or motorized. These activities strengthen the local tourism.
Barra de Cunhaú is known for the creation of shrimp in captivity-call activity of shrimp farming. Wanted for who wants quiet, if you want some fun you can check out the nearby Pipa Beach, distant 8 kilometers by raft.

Baía Formosa

Baia Formosa
Only the Bay of Rio Grande do Norte, the city – Baía Formosa Beach lives up to the name you carry. Is one of the most beautiful sights of the State and is located at 94 kilometers from Natal RN, following towards the southern coast by the route BR 101. Even being one of the most popular places of the coast of the State, Baía Formosa preserves a quiet and calm air, and has fishing as commercial activity.
The visitor cannot leave town without prior check and take a ride through the forest Star – the largest Atlantic forest reserve of Rio Grande do Norte. With nearly 2000 acres preserved by the sea, the Mata Estrela is home to many endangered species of wild fauna and flora.
Another requested, those who are superstitious or not is to dive in the waters of the Lagoa de Araraquara, nicknamed Lagoa da Coca-Cola because of the dark colour of its water, which has no bearing on its purity and quality. The natives believe this pond waters have medicinal powers and rejuvenation.
Baía Formosa is composed of beaches still Sagi, the lighthouse, Peroba trees and Barreirinhas. A singularity of formosa Bay is that during the year the cliffs that compose it change color.


Barreta - RN
Located 85 km from Natal RN, on the southern coast, Barra do Cunhaú belongs to the municipality of Canguaretama. As the main water is calm – because of the river flowing into the sea – who comes has the impression of being in front of a pond instead of the Atlantic Ocean. The river meets the sea is essential for the existence of mangroves, the natural habitat of crabs – dish much appreciated in the region.
         The Cunhaú River and all along the coast are ideal for practicing water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and water skiing. There there is also a yacht club, which encourages the practice and conducts recreational activities such as rides on sailing boats or motorized. These activities strengthen local tourism.
          Barra do Cunhaú is known for shrimp farming in captivity – called activity of shrimp farming. Sought by those who want peace, if visitors want a little hype can to check it on the beach nearby Pipa, distant 8 km by ferry.


Búzios - RN
The Búzios Beach is located at 23 kilometers from Natal, in the southern coast of Rio Grande do Norte, between the beaches of Pirangi do Sul and Tabatinga. Belongs to the municipality of Nísia Floresta, which is the pseudonym of one of the most notable writers born in Rio Grande do Norte – Dionísia Gonçalves Pinto.
It is among the Favorites of Natal Citizen to enjoy the holiday period, and is famous for the strength of its waves and winds that asks for more caution at the time of the baths, and calls the attention of surfers and fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Also it has beautiful dunes and the small Rio Doce.
On the waterfront the visitor finds several tents for meals. On the main Avenue a leisure option is the Big Blue Water Park with pools, waterslide, playground and restaurant.
With time left for cultural tours, it is interesting to also go to visit the famous Baobá tree planted in 1877, the Church, the old train station, the Old Mill and the mausoleum of Nísia Floresta.


Camurupim RN

About 30 kilometers from Natal, the municipality of Camurupim Nísia Floresta-pseudonym of a feminist and renowned writer born in Rio Grande do Norte, Dionísia Gonçalves Pinto. Marked by the presence of reefs that form natural pools, the beach is ideal for bathing calm and safe. At low tide a tip is to know the inside of a cave between the reef called the hollow stone – is it possible for a person with about of 1.60 meters to stand inside.

Camurupim also has two water parks: the Park of the Sharks and the Pontal water park. In addition to the lagoon of Arituba, where it is possible to do excursions in Swan-shaped pedal boats and kayaks. You can also meet the woods preserved around the pond through a walk of quadricycle. Even cooler is the opportunity to practice the zipline. Beyond to these attractions, there are stalls with seafood dishes to satiate the curiosity of tourists.


Cacimbinhas - RN

Located between the municipality of Tibau do Sul and Pipa Beach, in the southern part of the coast of RN, Cacimbinha beach is a must for anyone who has interest in flying paragliding-leap is given off from the cliffs. It is possible to go down to the sea by a long staircase, and what you will find is a tranquil place, more reserved, without many visitors. Cacimbinhas beach waters fans kitesurf advantage to practice the sport, but the sea is safe for only the most experienced because of the winds. Next you can find the beautiful Inns in Pipa .

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Praia de Cotovelo - RN
Located after the Ponta Negra Beach, it is 15 kilometers away from Natal RN and belongs to the municipality of Parnamirim. Your audience is generally formed by local vacationers. The cliffs give charm to the beach that attracts those who prefer to enjoy the calm of the sea to rest, and the beachfront restaurants.
From Cotovelo you can see also the cliffs that gave name to the first rocket-launching Base of Latin America-the barrier of hell. Named so because the cliffs by the sea are red and resemble the color of fire.
Just after the Cotovelo Beach is the famous beach of Pirangi which houses the largest cashew tree in the world in its main street. This tree is over 100 years old and still in expansion and bearing fruit. For visitation is charged a nominal fee. Tourists can still climb a wooden podium that has height greater than the tree and enjoy your cup up there.

Lagoa de Guaraíras

Lagoa de Ar
Lagoa de Guaraíra is a lagoon of calm waters that reflects all the beauty of Tibau do Sul Beach, on the South coast of Rio Grande do Norte, before the Pipa Beach. Despite having already been a water pond only sweet today, by the encounter with the sea, is composed also by salt water. In it you can make boat trips, boat, canoe, kayak and banana-boat.
The Lagoa de Guarairas serves for fishing, and to be essential for shrimp farming – creation of shrimp-the State, has extensive mangrove area. On the waterfront are arranged several tents with typical dishes of the coastal cuisine. If you can wait to see the sunset there, you won’t regret it.

Lagoa de Carcará


       The Lagoa do Carcará stays in Tabatinga Beach, which belongs to the municipality of Nísia Floresta. Little known, warm and transparent waters, you can see the bottom with the clear beaches. Despite being a difficulty getting there, don’t give up. On the way there you will meet the Engenho Papary that offers the tourist a tasting of artisanal cachaças Papary and Imperial Villa – produced on site. You can also buy them on the spot.

To have fun at Lagoa do Carcará you can practice windsurfing , kayaking or pedal boats. The pond is part of a little-known tourism itinerary called “Roteiro das Águas”, “Lacuste Bonfim”, which is composed of several other lakes: Redondo, Boágua, Arituba, Alcaçus, Ferreira Grande, Urubu and Carcará. If you enjoyed a pond worth checking out, is 50 kilometers far from Natal RN.


It is located at 38 kilometers from Natal RN, on the South coast of the State, between the Barreta Beach and Tibau do Sul. Even next to Tibau do Sul, and receiving many tourists who arrives or leaves, Malembá belongs to the municipality of Georgino Avelino. The beach is deserted, and that its natural beauty remains almost untouched. The sea is calm, with weak waves and reef.
Famous for being a part of kite surfing, due to strong winds, Malembá is also wanted for who wants to enjoy their dunes and take a buggy ride or quad, sandboard and skibunda practice. The beach access is made by ferry crossing that part of Tibau do Sul.
You can also get there by the edge of the beach, for those coming from the city of Natal, buggy or rent traction.

Pirangi do Norte e Sul

The Pirangi do Norte Beach is separated from the Pirangi do Sul Beach at Pirangi River. Is located on the South coast of RN, 22 kilometers from Natal, and is the most frequented by vacationers. The sea is able for bath.
It is on the Pirangi Beach that may cashew tree in the world. The century-old tree has 10000 square meters of size and still fruiting. You can see it for free when passing by the downtown. To enter and walk around inside their branches, is charged a nominal fee. You can still climb a wooden podium, taller than the cashew tree, and see off all its beauty green and the ocean.
Pirangi Beach also has a famous boat ride, accomplished by the tourist complex, which sits in front of the cashew tree, called Marina Badauê. The tour takes the tourists to other beaches in the area and the natural pools of transparent waters of Pirangi, which is 800 meters from the shore. Enjoy and take a dip!
Among of all this, the natural attractions, for being one of the most famous beaches to enjoy the summer, the Parnamirim City Hall performs all year in a big Carnival gathers Pirangi bands several attracting the public to the main street. If set to enjoy all this in your next visit to the Natal RN.

Ponta do Madeiro

Ponta do Madeiro - RN
The Madeiro Beach is very visited by curious who want to see dolphins to the naked eye and those who wish to take their first waves. On the beach there are tents that offer boards for rent, and you can also hire the services of instructors, that will give tips and guide you through your first steps beneath the waves.
The beach, which is a Bay, has a unique beauty. To reach the seafront it takes down a particularly large wooden staircase, surrounded by the local vegetation. But the physical effort is compensated by the view you will have in the region, with colourful cliffs and coconut palms.
An option to get to Ponta do Madeiro Beach – if you’re in Pipa Beach – is to make a trail walk from ecological sanctuary-an area of Atlantic forest preserved with trails that will give you direct contact with nature. The course will end in a staircase that leads to the beach.

Praia de Sagi

Sagi - RN
The Sagi Beach is located at 115 kilometers from Natal RN, after Formosa. It is the last beach of the southern coast and borders the State of Paraíba. The border between the States is marked by the river Guajú River and warm water. The fact of being far from the capital make Sagi be a beach almost untouched. There is a dune named “on the edge”, you can go upstairs and enjoy the beautiful landscape that separates the two Northeastern States.
Sandboarding is practiced in the dunes of Sagi. In addition, you can make trips on rafts on the river Guajú, visit the mangroves, and take a mud bath – the mud is removed from the mangrove forest and passed throughout the body, are believed to have rejuvenating properties. Sagi is a beach for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of nature.


Sibauma - RN
Located 90 kilometers from Natal RN, Sibaúma beach is the last of the municipality of Tibau do Sul. Unlike other beaches owned by the municipality, which are well known. Sibaúma has as peculiarity be long sandy beach, deserted, and still be a fishing village.
However if you’re in pipa beach is just 10 minutes away.
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