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São Miguel do Gostoso

Paradise Unexplored

São Miguel do Gostoso Located right next to Natal, 108 kilometers from the capital, this place is a paradise that has not yet been fully discovered by tourists, which makes the place a perfect destination for those looking for days of tranquility in the midst of a wonderful setting, where the rustic and the comfort form a partnership.

Although not listed among the most popular destination in the country, the city each year achievement more visibility, making the hotel and gastronomic structures each time bigger and better.

The village of São Miguel do Gostoso also attracts practitioners of water sports such as surfing and kite surfing, being classified as one of the best points of Brazil to practice sailing sports.

If you want to visit the place, however, must go without leaving business and other pending issues to resolve by mobile: as in São Miguel do Gostoso no mobile signal, the trick is to let go and enjoy the day without a cell phone to meet the friendly and hospitable residents of the region, relax body and mind and walking by the sea beaches, which in addition to a scenario with dunes has great hostels and restaurants.

Attractions in: São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso

In São Miguel do Gostoso there are several attractions and tours for tourists of all kinds. Part of the list the buggy ride to Galinhos, a location with quiet beaches and warm waters.

The tour goes through more than 10 wonderful beaches, some suitable for bathing, dunes, cliffs and footpaths and ends at Tourinhos Beach.

In total there are 8 watered a lot of fun and wonderful scenarios.

You can also make day trips aboard a horse, knowing a little more quietly in the region. Lasting 1 hour, the tours can be made with the aid of guide and cost around 40 Reais.

For the adventurous, it is possible to hire buggy, bike, motorcycle and quadricycle to get to know the finer points of Sao Miguel do Gostoso

When it comes to beaches in the region, there’s no shortage option for all tastes. If you like windsurfing and kitesurfing, the hottest beach is Ponta do Santo Cristo, one of the best from around the world for the practice of this kind of sport.

For the inexperienced in kitesurfing courses lasting from one to 10 hours, with the latter suitable for beginners, with practical and theoretical classes.

Another beach that attracts many tourists is the beautiful Tourinhos Beach, without doubt the most beautiful of the region.

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São Miguel do Gostoso

The rock formations from petrified dunes 2500 years ago. Although it is quite visited, it is considered to be nearly deserted and has soft sand, coral reefs and weak waves.

Through the coral reefs there is still water jets splashing the rocks at sea, one of the peculiarities of the region.
If you can, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the sunset from this beach, an unforgettable experience!

            J.Sparrow Fachada

On weekends, at nightfall, the tourists and residents gather in the points of the city, such as the bar, store and creperie Madame Chita, with charming surroundings full of tables that spread down the street. The trick is to prove the caipirinhas (typical alcohol brazilian drink) of hog plum, banana with cinnamon, a pleasant surprise to our taste buds.

Another location well attended is the bar J. Sparrow’s, located at the Ponta do Santo Cristo.

With Palm thatch and wood structure, the pub beachy is frequented by foreigners and always receives its visitors with very rock ‘n’ roll.

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