Natal Praias

 Nightlife in Natal

The Nightlife in Natal has several options of ballads that are available. For the most varied musical tastes, the various tribes. Excellent places to dance, flirt and have fun too. Worth knowing our ballads.

Forró com Turista

Vida Noturna em Natal-RN

In Natal tourism center, in the district of Petrópolis. There you will meet the most traditional forró do RN. In addition to the “forró” trios, in some occasions are invited to participate in the program.
Address: Alm. Barroso Street, 980 – Petrópolis.
Phone: (84) 3211-6149


Peppers Hall

Diversão em Natal

It is located in Ponta Negra, designed to be the most modern dining club for Natal. Where, in your holiday at Natal, you can view national and international attractions, and diverse musical styles, belonging to the backcountry to electronic music. All this makes Pepper’s Hall, a place for the fun and culture.

Address: Engenheiro Roberto Freire Avenue, 3071, Ponta Negra

 Phone: (84) 3236-2886

Pink Elephant

Diversão em Natal

Reference in nightclubs around the world, with franchises in Las Vegas, Athens, Dubai, São Paulo. Arrives at Natal his year. The standard Pink Elephant is recognized internationally, being chosen by FIFA as the official nightclub of the 2014 World Cup. The opening is forecast in August.

Address: Hermes da Fonseca, 754, Tirol.


Diversão em Natal

It is in Ponta Negra. Meeting point of young Natal Citizen and tourists in search of much forró, Rastapé-what is the name of the House-offers salon where the forró roll loose, and a structure with five bars spread across the three environments. There you’ll find bards and still more legitimate trios of accordion playing Classic foot-de-serra live. So you already know, fourth-day fair show you know even dance a forró. With student ID till 10:00 pm admission is free.

Address: Rua Aristides Porpino Filho , 2198 , Ponta Negra.
Phone: (84) 3219-0181

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