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 Ponta Negra – Natal: Imagine yourself here!

Ponta Negra : Let’s us show to you 5 reasons for you to meet Ponta Negra and if not entirely convinced, we offer 2 more extra reasons.


Pôr do Sol Natal

Ponta Negra is the most famous and visited urban beach of Natal RN and houses the most unique postcard of the State: the Morro do Careca. Located in the neighborhood of the same name, this beach is the main leisure option for tourists and natal citizen. The sea is great for bath.

The Morro do Careca is a dune of over 100 meters high and totally fringed by greenery – which refers to the head of a bald person.

In order to preserve it, since 2004 was forbidden the rises and falls in Dune. But you can not miss the opportunity to photograph the most important natural monument of the region, and wherever possible go back to see her.

In addition to several bars and restaurant to the beach of Ponta Negra that work during the day and night – where you can taste some of typical dishes of the coastal region.

Enjoy your Natal tourism to meet the Strret of Salsa, which actually is called Street Dr. Manoel Augusto Bezerra de Araújo.

The nickname became popular among the potiguar Indians that began to identify the street taking reference in the Salsa Bar, which worked on the site.

There you will find several restaurants and pubs; and nearby you can dance the famous forró pé-de-serra. It is very common that when you walk down the street in this neighborhood you find people from various parts of the world or even those who have already made residence in Natal RN.

Here also you will find the best hotels in Natal for all tastes, as well as hostels and Inn. On the main Avenue Eng Roberto Freire – you can enjoy a shopping mall, as well as several local craft stores and buy your souvenirs.

But if you do not want to go there, on the main promenade of the beach you can choose various handicrafts and also take coconut water in kiosks or hawkers who walk the sands of the beach selling their products. 

1#Ponta Negra has fun all the time!

o que fazer em natal

Ponta Negra beach in addition to housing one of the main sights of the potiguar capital, Morro do Careca, is famous for the variety of bars and restaurants that give life to the most touristic district of the city of Natal.

On the main avenue of Ponta Negra, Roberto Freire, you will find restaurants for palates several, since the local Steakhouse specializing in seafood. At night, the bars also like eclectic audiences, with live music, cold beer and tasty snacks.

At Ponta Negra Beach-RN is located at House concerts Peppers Hall, a combination of bar, Club and gastronomy.

The site performs concerts ranging from dance to electronic music.

Shortly after the Peppers, on Street Dr. Manoel Araújo, is located the famous street of the Salsa – bars with different themes are all over the street. Nearby you will find the most famous home of forró, the Rastapé, which features the best of Northeast accordion every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

There is too which is the Curva dos Ventos – a mystical place and nice that performs shows for you to enjoy standing or sitting – taking advantage of the menu.

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2#The beach and Ponta Negra District


The beach of Ponta Negra is the most visited urban beach of Natal-RN, is located in the neighborhood of the same name, the southern part of the city.

The great attraction of Ponta Negra is the Morro do Careca, main postcard of Rio Grande do Norte. In order to preserve this natural heritage, today is no longer permitted the scale of the dune.

But just seeing it from a distance, you are going to store one of the most beautiful landscapes of the State of Rio Grande do Norte.

So, buy a coconut water, sit on the sand and enjoy without moderation our climate, our landscapes and warm waters.

For being a tourist district, you won’t have trouble finding hotels and hostels in Ponta Negra. In this region the hotel chain offers options for all tastes and pockets. Both the main Avenue Roberto Freire-and in nearby streets there are several hosting options.

In front of the beach and the Coastal Route you will also find great accommodations for a break which unites quality and leisure.

If you haven’t set up your script of tours, Natal us Beaches have several options for fun and entertainment, would be a satisfaction to be able to contribute to your vacation.

Learn more of the most beautiful and sought after Tours in Natal tours.

The access to the neighborhood is easy. If you like to take a walk to see the vicinity where hosts, pass the sunscreen, get yourself a beach hat, dressed comfortably and go ahead!

But if you are without much courage to face the sun, there are several options of buses and taxis to travel within the district, as well as, if necessary, they will guide you to any place of the city that you want!

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Restaurante Camarões

As for the food, if you don’t want to do on-site dining where is hosted, don’t worry! The are no shortage of restaurants in Ponta Negra will present you the better the taste of food.

Even on the sea shore, Avenue Erivan France, as in Engineer Roberto Freire, and nearby streets, you’ll find restaurants that will tickle your taste buds and make your meal a special moment, like Camarões Potiguar, the Pinga Fogo, Sal e Brasa Grill and pizzeria Reis Magos. Have you seen?

Variety here is not runing out! In Ponta Negra you can delight with Acai or cream of cupuaçu and deceive the heat!

Beyond to the cafes, like Fran’s Café and bakery, like the Pão e Companhia. All together in this neighborhood super cozy!

If hunger beat while your family is at the beach, in the tents you’ll find power options, as well as several freelance travel the sand track and the Boardwalk offering snacks and crafts products.

When you need money, by the sea and the Beach Mall you will find ATM options. Next to the Mall are located the handicraft and Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar that brings together almost 200 shops and tourist information center.

This is all for you to take souvenirs for friends and let everyone in the mood to come to know the city of the Sun.

4#Nightlife Attractions in the region

Deck Natal

Further to the delicious options for your taste buds, the Ponta Negra neighborhood has a great programming for your night.

As the bars Só mais Uma, Decky, Botequim Tá na Hora and other features, over there to the Salsa Street options, as the Curva dos Ventos that will involve a mystical atmosphere. Still in Ponta Negra is the Pepper Club’s Hall that combines music bar, nightclub and gastronomy.

But if you want something quieter and you are a lover movies, in Praia Shopping the Moviecom displays movies on a daily basis. If your hosting is in the period of new year’s Eve, the magic of fireworks to celebrate the new year will enchant you and bring you back every year!

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5# Ponta Negra Beach

Located in the beautiful Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Praia de Ponta Negra is the most popular beach of the city at all times of the year, being frequented by both Brazilian tourists and foreigners visiting the capital.

Besides giving name to the beach, Praia Negra is also the name of the neighborhood in which it is situated, where, until recently, were restricted the workplace of fishermen and also a leisure option to local residents.

From 1990, however, Ponta Negra seen tourism grow in its surroundings, bringing business investment including others countries, such as Portugal and Spain, so that, today, it has become the most sought after Beach, occupying the place of the Meio Beach.

Besides, this is the fastest growing area in the city, with several hotels and inns built and many others that are still under construction. In addition, homes have also been renovated to House shops, bars and restaurants in Ponta Negra.

During the day, the hype is the lively stalls on the promenade of the beach and an audience of surfers and tourists enjoying themselves along the 4 kilometers all long of its sea, next to the residents of Natal.

6#Attractions of Ponta Negra

Already night, the fun is some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, with menus that add value to the local cuisine, dishes filled with seafood, beans, rice and beef jerky.

Many bars, clubs and restaurants of Ponta Negra district are on the street Erivan França also hotels, galleries and small shopping malls, facilitating the tours to tourists who stay over there.

If you want to experience the typical rhythms of the Northeast, it is possible to find in the area bars that play the famous forró pé de serra, quite traditional in the city.

7#Morro do Careca

Ponta Negra

In Ponta Negra is located one of the main sights and the capital’s postcards, known as Morro do Careca, a kind of symbol of the region.

The local is a dune with a height from 100 meters, surrounded by a thick vegetation and with closed access to visitors.

A few years ago, when the place was still open, both tourists as the local population used to climb the Hill and get him down aboard the sleigh-“toy used in practice.

Above to providing a lot of fun, the activity was seen as a kind of exercise due to climbing. However, since the end of the Decade of 1990th fence was installed at this place, in order to preserve the woods of restinga present there and prevent the sand from the hill down, decreasing its height.

Despite the forbidden, although it is not uncommon to see visitors climbing the hill to this day.

Attention: If you love shopping and want to KNOW more about the LOCAL HANDICRAFTS fairs, can only CHECK the texts BELOW. Is very worthwhile!

Ponta Negra Beach Natal

Ponta Negra, one of the most well known of Natal-RN, is the hottest beach of the region, getting year-round tourists of all kinds, like bathers, practitioners of kite and windsurfers, surfers and stand-up paddle fans, especially women.

A meeting point for people with different characteristics, Ponta Negra is frequented not only by tourists, who go there in search of points of interest such as the beach and the famous postcard of the city, the Morro do Careca, but for residents of the capital too.

The area also has great structure, with several hotels, bars and restaurants that serve to visitors with extremely high quality.

In the midst of all his versatility, Ponta Negra has many shops, especially those that specialize in local crafts, attracting those who do not give up to bring memories of the places we visit home and gift for friends and family, especially when it comes to crafts of Rio Grande do Norte, one of the best produced in the Northeast.

The following is the main points of trade in handicrafts in Ponta Negra and come home with a little piece of this rich culture Brazil:

Vilarte Craft Mall

With great location in Ponta Negra, on Avenue Engenheiro Roberto Freire, craft Shopping Vilarte has a nice atmosphere and light, bringing together in one place many services, craft shops and leisure options for people of all ages.

Among the more than 50 stores within the Mall, visitors have Exchange services, 24-hour Bank, Lottery, car rental and internet access, then others.

For the moments of leisure, you account with establishments that offer live music-MPB (typical brazilian musical) and Forró Pé de Serra – and have views of the sea and Morro do Careca. There is also a food court with great options for you to meet the typical food of the region.

Craft stores have already art objects made in colored ceramics, as animal sculptures and bowls, highlights of the fair.

Handicraft Market of Ponta Negra

The handicraft market of Ponta Negra, also known as COART, is located in a simple structure in Ponta Negra, in a huge shed. Without much luxury, as the air conditioning present in modern shopping malls of the capital city, COART compensates everything with your craft stores with quality products.

With approximately 33 stands that are distributed in its interior, the craft market has a variety of stores, that sell objects made in clay, wood, and paintings, all with a price much lower than in other markets of the segment.

There are also several clothing stores, with products decorated with paintings and photos of landscapes, as well as networks, caps, sarongs, towels and various objects for use on the beach.

For those not up to meet the greatest number of gastronomic establishments on their journey, the market also features booths with food and drink, and in a few tourists are handicraft cachaça (typical alcohol brazilian drink) – like those that come with cashews in it – ready for sale.

Finally, on site there are also food and typical spices for sale, like the famous cashew nuts toast, great choice for gift giving friends and family.

Handicraft shopping Potiguar

The Handicraft Shopping Potiguar , opened in 2005 on Avenue Engenheiro Roberto Freire, is known as the first Mall of the segment in Brazil, when came up with an innovative marketing local crafts, regional and also national.

It is also the largest handicraft shopping in town, consists of four floors that are distributed in the old Marina Praia Sul Hotel.

With 164 points, between boxes and shops, the mall offers various services such as currency exchange, tourist and Information Center. There is also a food court with diversified cuisine, ice cream parlor and coffee shop.

Among the shops of handicrafts and souvenirs in general, especially those that sell artisanal cachaças, and some offer up to the liquor tasting, stores that sell cashews and the stores that sell objects with precious stones. If you are in search of clothes, there are shops with products for both the female audience as for the male audience, plus bedding and bath and products produced in income.

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