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The Pipa Beach or just Pipa is without doubt the most famous and visited by tourists who come to Rio Grande do Norte.

It has clear and warm waters, cliffs and other beautiful landscapes. Pipa Brazil named by Europeans that here reside is one of the main routes of who wants to meet the northeastern coast.

It has became known to have waves and winds favour the practice of water sports such as surfing, and soon his fame increased, attracting people from all parts of Brazil as well as foreign tourists.

In the year 2013 our beautiful Kite, became the novel network Globo Channel “Flor do Caribe”. That’s where the biggest literary event of the RN, the Pipa literary Festival – Flipipa – that brings together local and national writers annually in the month of November. Located 85 kilometers from the capital of the RN-Natal, you will find several ways to get to this tropical paradise.

You can go by car, using the route BR 101, passing through the cities of Parnamirim, St. Joseph of Mipibú finally coming to town to Goianinha where you must take the road that will take you to Tibau do Sul and then to Pipa Beach RN.

There are also taxi options, or if you want a more economical transport there are buses and mini-buses leaving daily from the bus station, located in the Cidade da Esperança.

Golfinhos em Pipa

If you want to enjoy the Pipa Brazil and its beauties since the start of the day and get to the warmth of a cozy room after enjoy the bells that this beach offers, don’t worry.

There are several options of Hotels in Pipa for those who like to invest in comfort, but there are also options for anyone looking for an amazing hosting, since it the Inns are attractions and has for all tastes and styles and are the favorites, check out on our site that talks about the best options for accommodation here.

If you want to get even closer to nature, one option is to stay in the various campsites. Take your tent!

At the entrance of Pipa is the Ecological Sanctuary

The largest Atlantic forest reserve in the region, has 16 trails open to the public and you only invest a symbolic value to perform this wonderful ride in this area of preserved nature.

Reason of reportage in the program Fantástico News, O Chapadão, famous cliffs of Pipa Beach is very visited by those who enjoy the sunset.

Close to Pipa Beach there are other unique beauty beaches such as Amor Beach and the Madeiro Beach. The latter is home to Golfinhos Beach, where often these mammals exhibit to the public.

KiteSurf na Praia da Pipa

Those who enjoy unbeatable Union: nature and extreme sports are at the right place. Pipa Beach attracts surfers all year, but if you don’t know how to balance on a surfboard, don’t worry, you can have a coach and have a lot of fun. The most popular beaches for this are the Amor Beach and Madeiro Beach.

In addition to surf this is the ideal place to practice kite surfing, practise sandboard across dunes, do you walk, bike tours and dive in this unforgettable atmosphere through paragliding flights, on the cliffs of Cacimbinha.

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Pipa Beach Natal Brazil


During the day you can enjoy also to meet the gastronomy typical of the northeastern coast.

In tents arranged on the beaches you will find the famous fish and fried macaxeira, broths of shrimp and oyster, beyond the cold coconut water and various drinks .

After the sun sets along the main avenue, Baia dos Golfinhos, or in parallel streets you find restaurants that work with the local cuisine and also the Mexicans, Arabs, Japanese, in addition to ice cream that are ever ready to cool you off with ice cream of unforgettable flavors .

At the Baia dos Golfinhos are also the main bars da Pipa Brazil And a little distant from there is the traditional nightclub Calangos, up to the early morning with live music of varied rhythms and the electronic music of dj’s.

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Pipa is the most international of beach RN

Many tourists have settled there and opened bars, restaurants and shops.

In its main street-where in some places it is prohibited the passage of cars – you find since markets the brands stores, local crafts, and simple and sophisticated restaurants.

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