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Gastronomy and Night Life

Fernando de Noranha counts with a great variety of restaurants and bars in all of its villages, with many options that includes sea fruits, Japanese food, Italian food, and self-services. Among the specialty of the island is the fish grilled in the banana tree leaf, a favorite in the restaurants. 

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Between the most famous restaurants is the Zé Maria that counts with a gastronomical festival every Wednesday and Saturday. On those days it’s necessary to make a reservation earlier.

After the diner many tourists like to go out in the night and enjoy the night life of Noranha, going to the bars, clubs and pubs like the Bar do Cachorro, with forró all the night. Another option is to enjoy a party by the moon on the Praia da Conceição whenever it’s a full moon.

For those who like to sleep early a great night tour is to go to conference in the Visitors Centers, Tamar’s headquarters and Ibama’s. Everyday there is presentations, documentaries and debates; the access is free starting at 8pm. In the subjects of the conferences are theme like sea wild life, the Noronha’s Sea Park and the Atol das Rocas.

When to visit

For those who want to enjoy the surf season in Fernando de Noronha, the best time to go visiting is December to February, if the objective is to do some diving, go visit between August and November when the sea becomes a beautiful pool.

If you want to see the release of the turtles in beach of Boldró and Leão, the best months to go are April and July. The festival of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios happens around August.

Tours in Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is sure full of options to go, in or out of the water, pleasing nay visitor. In its 10 miles of extension, besides enjoying the wonder beaches the people can do boa trips, diving sessions, walks on tracks and even watch dolphins and the sunset.

See below the main tours you can do on Fernando de Noronha:

Sunset in Noronha

Por do Sol em Noronha

In Fernando de Noronha the sun goes down along the beaches located in the Mar de Dentro, in a beautiful spectacle that charms any person. The most visited beaches for the appreciation of the sun are Cacimba do Padre and Conceição. On the Boldró beach you can watch the nature’s show of the Fort São Pedro viewing point. 

Snorkeling in Atalaia BeachMergulho em Noronha


The Atalaia beach has a coral reef next to the sand that makes it one of the best locations for a dive in Noronha, filled with colorful fishes, turtles, octopuses and small sharks. The dives are controlled by the Ibama, those who wants to do these adventures must make an appointment on the ICMBio (in front of Tamar’s headquarters), and soon as you get the ticket to the marine park, with a 10 days expiration. Besides the diving sessions the ticked is valid to the Sancho bay, and the Dolphins bay, the beaches of Suest, Atalaia, and the viewing point Dois Irmãos. The ticket is sold in the Flamboyant, it has a U$19.80 for Brazilians and U$ 43 for tourists.

In a booked hour, groups of 16 people can go down a track of almost 1 mile to the beach. Once you get in your destiny every group has 30 min to enjoy the dive that ends up making the whole bureaucracy of the trip worthwhile.

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Observation of the Dolphins

Golfinhos em Noronha

For those feeling lucky and willing to wake up early, a tour you can’t miss is the observation of the dolphins in the viewing point of Dolphin’s Bay. The tour usually takes place around 6:30 p.m., time when the graceful dolphins shows for your rest after a night of feeding. Usually biologists of Ibama do some work shift in the place, orientating and lending some binnacles for the tourists to see the view at its fullest.

To go into the viewing point is required the ticked to the marine park. 

Boat tour

Every day, in the morning and in the afternoon, boats leaves the beach of Porto de Santo Antônio going to Mar de Dentro. With three hours long trip the tour has many traits like the dive in the Sancho bay, the great view of Ponta da Sapata, two rocks that forms the Brazil’s map. Along the way is easy to see dolphins that use to follow the boat dazzling the tourists.

Vila dos Remédios

In the Vila dos Remédios there is a lot of historical buildings that resemble the old times, like the Chuch of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, opened in 1772 by the Portuguese, and the little center that surround that church. In the place is also the administration headquarters of Noronha, the ruins of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Fortress and the Noronha’s Memorial, full of pics and text about the island.

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