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Natal Brazil RN : If the answer is Yes, you are at the right place. Below we have selected and discovered things like:

  • The best beaches of Natal and a special about: the picturesque Galinhos, the dazzle Pipa and we couldn’t stop talking about the paradise called: São Miguel do Gostoso and your amazing beaches arround…
  • Accommodation of the most luxurious and also offer something more simple and cozy.
  • The 3 Natal tours that are taking your breath away
  • Like parties? You will have access to a quick guide about the Nightlife with the best attractions.
  • In addition, a separate main points of interest that you must know in Natal.

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Keeping reading to learn more about how to have Holiday Unforgettable in the City of the Sun.

Natal is one of the most beautiful nature-filled capital of Brazil and the world, that gives you one more invitation to visit it.

Yes, the main reason for this special invitation is the commemoration of the 416th anniversary!

The capital of Rio Grande do Norte brings some of the most amazing stories that have happened in Brazilian land and proves that no wonder its diversity.

On 6 January 1598 was born the point of origin of the entire city of Natal, the Fortaleza dos Santos Reis, however today is known as Forte dos Reis Magos, that was built by the Spanish in order to demarcate those banks to build a city in the future.

The story goes that Philip II ordered that were built the Fort to protect the “Barra do Rio Grande” – As it was called the territory at that time – the French, which in turn were at various points in the North and northeast of Brazil and were enemies of the Spanish Crown.

Therefore, and with Portugal under the rule of Spain, the Spanish expelled the French not only of Rio Grande do Norte, but also Paraíba and the other points of the Brazilian Northeast.

However, do you know the meaning of the name Natal Brazil RN ?

Nearly two years after the construction of the fort of the Reis Magos, to be exact, on 25 December 1599 were demarcated the limits of the city which was named as Natal, in honor of the date of Jesus’ birth, the a League away from the Fort.

How is the weather in Natal Brazil Rio Grande do Norte during the year?


The city of Natal offers the best weathers during the driest months of the year, between September and January.

In these months, it rains on average 25 mm and the average temperature is between 21ºC and 32ºC, ideal climate to enjoy the Natal beaches and all the tourist attractions that the city has to offer.

Do you know what differentiates from other Northeastern capital Natal on weather issues?

Natal is popularly known as “City of the Sun” by getting under the equator, the Sun during 15 hours of the day.

Althought the bright sunshine, Natal is blessed with a breeze that refreshes the entire city. According to a study done by NASA, Natal has the purest air in the Americas, and in addition, the dunes serve as natural water filters.

A curious fact is that I’ve heard stories of doctors who indicate NATAL to patients with respiratory problems, they speak if there is a possibility that people moving to our beautiful city, especially those living in cities that have accentuated pollution like São Paulo, this change would be ideal.

What are the best beaches to visit on Natal Brazil?


Ponta Negra

Certainty one of the most sought after by tourists and most famous of Natal.

Most tourists, even wishing to meet South coast beaches or North end up hosting in Ponta Negra by the facility and local security.

Ponta Negra is a village that have not many blocks. The region was inhabited by fishermen and other workers in the 90.

Nowadays it is one of the greatest sights of Brazil and all the Natal entertainment, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and tourist opportunities are big part in Ponta Negra.

Your beauty attracts more and more foreign looks and it didn’t take long for the tourism industry started to flourish in the region.

Foreign investors began investing in trades and lodges, mainly Italians, Portuguese and other Europeans.

To be more precise they bought properties such as Flats and apartments in Ponta Negra or nearly beaches and do the second tourism residence called.

You can see in Ponta Negra several buildings, such as Hotels, small malls or restaurants, and also homes in reform, which give rise to small shops, bars, hostels and the like.

Ponta Negra beach is about 4 km in length. To the South is the most famous Natal postcard, the Morro do Careca.

To the North is where the fun, mostly night life, because in the next 2 kilometers you will find Avenue Engenheiro Roberto Freire, of bars, parties, restaurants, malls and galleries throughout the city of Natal.

Where to stay in Natal?

  1. Sehrs Natal Grand Hotel

One of the most famous hotels complexes is the Serhs Natal Grand Hotel.

The structure is spectacular and the concept of hosting is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Accommodation is 5 stars in European standard and the service is one of the highest possible quality. Elegant, modern and on the beach.

The Serhs is between Ponta Negra and Areia Preta, on the famous via Costeira.

The location is favorable because it is only 38 kilometers from the international airport Aluízio Alves.

  1. Aquaria Natal HotelAquária Natal

The seafront of Ponta Negra Beach, offers top quality accommodation, modern architecture and exemplary services.

The whole place has Wi-fi, outdoor swimming pools, restaurant and panoramic view of the most famous beach of Natal.

The suites can be of 1 or 2 rooms, equipped with air conditioner, internet and kitchenette. In addition, the host is awarded with a wonderful sea view.

For those who need more comfort and relaxation, some rooms offer bathtub with hydromassage.

The Aquaria also impresses about your location – Just 200 meters away from the Famous and beautiful Morro do Careca, 1.5 kilometers from the Shopping Center of crafts and 50 kilometers from the international airport Aluízio Alves.

  1. Best Western Premier Majestic

Best West Majestic Natal

Do you want to join elegance and comfort in a romantic atmosphere?

This is the ideal place.

Architected for Samara Gosson, the hotel inspires glamour in every detail, with refined objects in each part.

Further to all the features of a high standard which the Best Western Premier Majestic offers, there is another feature that stands out from other hotels in Natal: is the only sustainable hotel of Natal, because has maximum service projects and the nature protection and is also the only Natal building uses in all LED bulbs , which generate energy savings of 85%.

One curiosity is that it has a top marks in and also on trip Advisor, we recommend for sure for you that want to take advantage of great days at Natal. Check out more of this hotel, Best Western Premier Majestic

  1. Manga Rosa Inn

Pousada Manga Rosa

The Manga Rosa Inn, on the sea of our beautiful Ponta Negra Beach, has a very different profile of the previous hosts, ideal for those seeking something more natural and, among many other aspects, and charming.

Has been voted one of the 5 most charming Inns in Natal city and also one of the best suited to go in couple.

Its appeal is to the simple beauty, and according to the customers’ review is perfect for couples.

“Comfort and satisfaction in the right measure and with fair price.”

Do you know why all that charm?

Your environment is in greater contact with nature, full of wooden articles; tables, chairs and lamps.

The rooms are decorated with small gardens and plants, which makes the climate very pleasant.

There you can feel a pretty quiet atmosphere with its accommodations more simple.

Simplicity and well-being are key words for the Manga Rosa Inn, without sin in any basic aspect such as comfort, wi-fi in the entire area and a wonderful breakfast.

In the seafront of Ponta Negra Beach, the sand dune Morro do Careca is only 200 meters from the Manga Rosa Beach Inn and the Mall 2 kilometers.

The bars and parties are all within a 20 minute walk away and the international airport São Gonçalo do Amarante is 40 kilometers.

  1. Castanheria Inn

Pousada Castanheira

If you search for a cheaper option than the big hotels and more intimate, the Castanheira Inn is a great option.

The impression it gives is that you just arrived at the home of a family or friend.

The atmosphere is simple and engaging, perfect for those looking to escape to megalomaniac things and full of luxury.

The place is not gigantic, but ensures a very satisfactory comfort and a beautiful view of the beach.

The Castanheira Inn pleases many tourists for its leisure area, with a beautiful garden around the pool with hammocks and benches for relaxing.

Has excellent scores on and Tripadvisor.

The entire Inn has wi-fi network, closed parking and internal gardens. All rooms has feature air conditioned, ceiling fan, cable tv with 60 channels, mini bar, safe, telephone, hairdryer, balcony and water heated by solar energy.

  1. Villa Simone


The Villa Simone offers the guests a comfortable and striking by the natural beauty of your garden with pool and sea view, Additionally, all its common area has hammocks and comfortable seating.

At the end of a full day of sun, buggy trips, dromedary and sea bath, a network in the midst of a garden is more than welcome!

The rooms are equipped with satellite tv, bathroom, air conditioned, minibar, and some with garden views.

The breakfast is included in accommodation and offers pastries and hot drinks or cold in the simplest. Guests can order breakfast a little later and also opt for the buffet breakfast.

The location is good, is 170 meters from the Morro do Careca, as well as the Manga Rosa Inn, 40 km too International Airport São Gonçalo do Amarante.

The handicraft market Brazil and the Convention Center of Natal are 2 kilometers away.

Maracajaú: Blue waters, Crystal clear and Warm

Passeio em Maracajaú

Parrachos de Maracajaú

The 55 kilometers, Maracajau are in the town of Maxaranguape, is famous for its “Parrachos”, regional name for coral reef.

The Parrachos are the most sought by tourists from all over the world in Natal in blue waters, crystal clear and warm, you can do a basic diving with Snorkel and observe closely all the beauty of the local Navy.

The tours are made on sunny days and low tide for which the use is 100%, otherwise the waters become dangerous and lack of sun leaves the cloudy water, getting impossible to observe the natural beauty.

Despite the sightseeing, the village of Maracajaú is inhabited for families of fishermen, a very simple people and receptive.

Its natural beauties are small beaches, dunes, lagoons and coral reefs. Maracajau has considered more crystalline waters and suitable for all diving Brazil.

If you seek accommodation in Maracajau there are excellent hostels, my favorite is: Ensedada Maracajau

The Parrachos are located about 7 kilometers from the coast and form an area of 13 square kilometers. You can only get to the dive area of catamaran or speedboat.
Is an area of environmental preservation, therefore is only permitted the entry of 654 people in high season and low season this number decreases to 492, therefore it is necessary to step up to do the walk in good condition.
For not to risk running out of this paradise known as our Brazilian Caribbean, I strongly recommend to guarantee your tour, Here!

Quadricycle tour in Maracajau

Diving in the coral reefs is usually around 14 hours, but as tourists must arrive in advance, it may be a while.

You better hope that left time, because then you can take advantage of another sought-after tourist attraction: the walk of quadricycle.

Passing by dunes, deserted beaches and the Ma-noa Water Park, the quadricycle ride is one of the most popular activities in Maracajaú.

Other tourists attractions in Maracajau:

  • Zip line;
  • Horseback riding for ponds;
  • Windsurfing;
  • Kitesurfing;
  • Water slide;
  • Bungalows;

São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN

Located further north, 100 kilometers from Natal, São Miguel do Gostoso is a destination very frequented by travelers who seek tranquility rare to have.

As two travelers said:

“It looks like Sao Miguel do Gostoso stopped in time for 80 years.”

“Walk through Sao Miguel do Gostoso is to travel through time and meet many stories.”

In a good sense, is exactly that. Now, hardly we can see vehicles through the region because it’s very on foot or by bike.

Tourists can arrive by car or buggy. The village has around 2000 inhabitants and is privileged with beautiful quiet beaches and deserted.

The beauty of Sao Miguel do Gostoso is rough, almost without intervention of man.

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The streets are of soil or paving stone. In the village there is a church and a tamarineiro tree that marks the center of the city.

Beaches of Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Praia da Ponta do Santo Cristo

São Miguel do Gostoso

Is the most famous beach of São Miguel do Gostoso.

One of its characteristics is a high winds, so it is considered one of the best beaches in the world for the practice of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing.

Don’t be surprised if you meet people from any part of the world who have chosen to live in this beautiful place, mostly people linked the practice of Kitesurfing.

Curiosity about Ponta Santo Cristo:

Legend has it that in 1501, shortly after the discovery, plant the expedition of Gaspar de Lemos sailed south when passed by this beach.

The crew saw indigenous people on the beach and kind gestures, thought it would be a good idea to anchor to rest there, there were when they were caught by surprise by the Indians and attacked brutally!

The Indians succeeded in apprehending the priest who was part of the expedition while the crew tried to escape being attacked by hundreds of arrows. The priest was killed and devoured ruthlessly in front of crew members.

Time later, they found the crucifix of the priest on the beach and hence the name Ponta de Santo Cristo.

Cardeiro Beach

Beach of soft sand and clear. Its waters are calm and greenish. Cardeiro beach is recommended to go as a couple or family and has bars on the sand.

The wind there is very strong! Avoid taking things very light that can fly away.

Xêpa Beach

Is the central beach of São Miguel do Gostoso and busiest avenue edge of town, where are the restaurants and shops.

Even so, the motion on the beach is null. You will hear only the sound of the coconut palms swaying in the wind, which makes her look much more interesting.

It’s a great beach to spend the night, has great restaurants and the beach invites tourists to a walk in the sand.

Maceió Beach

Take this name because according to the old inhabitants, formed small ponds with sea water in the big tides.

Today this phenomenon doesn’t happen anymore, but you can still observe the landscape with no one around.

Its fine sand bothers some tourists on windy days. In addition the region doesn’t have much infrastructure to meet a lot of people.

The Inn of the pointers is a good place to stay if you want to pass an incredible morning on the beach of Maceió.

Tourinhos Beach

Accessed through the village of Redoubt, the Tourinhos Beach is one of the most privileged of the region.

Imagine still waters, distant horizon and curious rock formations (known as holdouts) and dunes formed for over 2500 years, the beach curved and a landscape a little dramatic.

So it is Tourinhos.

And if you want you can buy a few beers at the kiosks.

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Facts about the Tourinhos Beach:

You might be wondering why this name, isn’t it?

In 1654, the Dutch were expelled and had to take refuge on this beach.

It is also known as beach stronghold or stronghold of Dutch.

Marco Beach

São Miguel do Gostoso

Calm beach as the other of Sao Miguel do Gostoso, however your scenario is complete for small fishing boats and rocks on the shore. Is one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Northeast.

Facts about Marco Beach:

According to historians, in August 7th of 1501, it was here that the expedition of Gaspar de Lemos anchored. The first landmark of Brazil was here, and it was at this same location as Pedro Álvares Cabral landed for the first time.

Galinhos – Rio Grande do Norte


Galinhos is a fishing village in Rio Grande do Norte. One of the smallest and least visited villages of the region.

To get to Galinhos is necessary buggy ride through the sand from the beach or boat through the salt marshes and dunes. And don’t expect more transport options out there.

The 160 kilometers from Natal, the only means of locomotion in Galinhos are bikes, buggy and horse carriages.

Your desolate place is charming and offers an unforgettable experience for those who visit.

Galinhos has a population of approximately 2 thousand inhabitants and the main activity in the area is fishing.

The name “Galinhos” was given by the high concentration of shoals of fish-bump on the region, but almost always young.

In 2009, Galinhos served as the setting for the novel “Cama de Gato” of the Globo Channel, taking the quiet of the residents and popularizing the region away.

Hosting options in Galinhos are few because the region has not yet been much exploited by tourism.

There are about 5 or 6 places to stay in Galinhos.

One of them, is the pousada of Dona Sylvie Fleury, a parisian french that was delighted by the bucolic beauty of Galinhos and never left her.

“I liked Galinho because there is no agitation tourist site and the climate is pleasant all year.” -Sylvie Fleury.

You can find the best Inn in the region in Here!

Galinhos can be visited also by performing the walk if you want to learn more visit our about page:

Curiosity: the guides available at Galinhos are usually retired fishermen, who take the more adventurous tourists to get to know the beaches.

People are receptive, but it’s always good to stay tuned with the intentions of others.

Site Natal Praias

Pipa Beach – Tibau do Sul

Pipa - RN

The Pipa Beach is more a privileged place of the Brazilian Northeast. Belonging to the municipality of Tibau do Sul, attracts tourists year-round for its natural beauty and for being home to dolphins and sea turtles.

It is a ride that can not miss on a trip for Natal.

It is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil and became known in 1980, when surfers started showing up.

Pipa Beach is a place that can reconcile the climate of desert land with bars and ballads of all nationality!

The night “pipense” was elected by the 4 Rodas Magazine one of the most shaken night life than Recife and attracts young people from Brazil and around the world, mainly Europeans.

Without leaving their roots, Pipa Beach invites the world to deliver to your “forró” (traditional Northeast Music) all night until the next morning.

Parties and Bars on Pipa Beach

Mirante Sunset

A bar with privileged view of Pipa Beach, tranquil atmosphere, charming atmosphere and detail, in addition to good music, drinks and snacks at the point.

Tribus Bar

Menu with many options of drinks, dance floor and external place with tables and chairs. Various songs on DJ’s hand according to the climate.

Mikroponto Bar

For those seeking a small and selected option, the Mikroponto offers an intimate ambience and varied audience with people from all over the world.

Boate dos Calangos

For the shaken night life, the Boate dos Calangos offers all that is best in nightly entertainment, from live music to DJ’s renowned worldwide.

This is on Rua das Gameleiras, the full crowd Street in all of Pipa Beach.

What to do in Pipa Beach?

The most common among tourists are:

  • Kayaking;
  • Buggy Ride;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Bars and Parties;
  • Walk and rally in the Woods;

At sunset the best place for dinner and a drink is in Avenue Golfinhos, there you will find gastronomy at international level.

We have a portal about Pipa, our love for Natal and its beaches made also offer this atmosphere there, check in > Hostels in Pipa <

Praia de Tabatinga Rn

Tabatinga Beach

Praia de Tabatinga Rn

Tabatinga beach is quite famous as a tourist destination and is quite busy in the high season.

The beach is surrounded by corals and frequented by young people from all over the world. At Dolphin Fort you can see dolphins and waves of water.

Unlike the small beaches of Rio Grande do Norte, Tabatinga Beach is extensive and has calm and clear waters, perfect for bathing and diving.

Throughout its extent can enjoy portions and drinks at the kiosks, great beach to go with the family.

Praia de Cotovelo - RN

Cotovelo Beach – South Coast of Rio Grande do Norte

Praia de Cotovelo - RN

The Cotovelo Beach is only 10 kilometers from Ponta Negra and is sought by those who seek more quiet than excitement.

The nightlife on this beach of the southern coast of Rio Grande do Norte is far less famous than that of Ponta Negra.

The landscape consists of soft, white sand, coconut trees and cliffs.

Go with the family?

Cotovelo Beach has the entire structure to receive you, calm waters and shallow, safe for children, restaurants and bars and the nearby avenues.

How to get on the Cotovelo Beach?

Getting the way of Natal, the access is easy and fast, in only 20 minutes by car at the road RN-063, known as Rota do Sol, you will already be in one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

Where to stay?

Blue Marlin

I nominate and recommend the Blue Marlin Resort, I’ve stayed at this wonderful Hotel and recommend, it is front of the beach in the best location the best values you’ll find on .

Praia de Pirangi - RN

Pirangi do Norte

Pirangi do Norte

It has a good stretch of sand and panoramic views make of Pirangi do Norte one of the quietest beaches for family trips.

It is famous for having the largest cashew tree in the world, and it is from there that leave many excursions to the natural pools to swim, passing through Pirangi do Norte, Búzios and Cotovelo.

This is a welcoming Beach, many families choose to rent houses in Pirangi do Norte, in addition, the kiosks on the beach offer meals, beverages and tables on the beach.

Meet our rent page, we’ll put you in direct contact with the owner of the House or with the real state responsible for property. (Soon we’ll put in the air)

How to get to Natal?

Translado Aeroporto Natal

Of course, that depends on where you are leaving, then, to have an idea let’s consider the main capitals of Brazil.

Of São Paulo until Natal, the distance is 2900 kilometers. By plane the trip is approximately 3 and a half hours after taking off. By car or bus can last up to 3 days off travel.

Salvador, that distance is still of 1100 kilometers, drive gives about 15 hours and by plane just 1 hour and a half.

As one of the most visited capitals of Brazil, you can also always find promotional travel packages in any travel agency.

If you come from outside of Brazil, will also feel at home here because Natal receives tourists from all over the world in all seasons.

Main places to meet in Natal

Summarized, so you don’t forget when it’s Natal, these are the main places to meet in Natal.

Forte dos Reis Magos

O Que Fazer em Natal Forte dos Reis Magos

It is beautiful and full of history, impresses anyone who visit.

The construction of the Forte dos Reis Magos started in 1598 but only ended up after 30 years.

The visit with a guide takes you to the deposits that harbor guns, armaments and still the oldest record of Brazil, Marco de Toros, 1501, document that marked the Portuguese possession on the lands of Brazil.

Genipabu Dunes

Praia de Genipabu

The beauty of the dunes of Genipabu lagoon natural and make the trip unforgettable and fun.

The most popular activities in Genipabu are the descent of sleigh-ride of dromedary and ups and downs of Buggy.

Genipabu is 20 kilometers from Natal to arrive, the tourists opt to hire buggy drivers to the lagoon.

Morro do Careca

Ponta Negra Morro do Careca

Located on the main beach of Rio Grande, Ponta Negra, the Morro do Careca’s postcard from the city of Natal.


Galinhos - RN

Farol de Galinhos, Río Grande do Norte, Brazil

The 160 km of Natal, the fishing village offers tourists a paradisiacal scenery and peacefulness.

Pirangi do Norte and the largest cashew tree in the worldPRAIA DE PIRANGI - RN

In addition to the amazing Beach, Pirangi impresses tourists with a cashew tree the size of a football field. That’s right, a giant tree.

About of 70 thousand cashews are picked it within a year.

Parrachos de Maracajaú

Passeio em Maracajaú

For those who loves the sea, this is the best ride of all.

Maracajaú is 60 kilometers from Natal, there a boat takes tourists up to the coral reefs, 7 kilometers out to sea, where it is possible to dive to snorkel and observe the diversity of marine life.

Be sure to make our delicious ride, learn more: Diving in Maracajau

Beaches of São Miguel do Gostoso


Lives up to the name and is the region with the most beautiful and quiet beaches of Brazil, one of the other side.

The accesses are made by buggy or donkey-taxi, nature is pure and cinematic scenarios are.

Full Page Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Pipa Beach

Pipa - RN

It is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil, it is home to dolphins and sea turtles.

The scenario is more than amazing, and its cliffs give Pipa Beach more beauty yet.

Nightlife in Natal

Pink Elephant

Diversão em NatalLocated in the neighborhood of Tirol in Natal and opened in 2013, the Pink Elephant already went to Natal story and attracts more and more tourists.
The famous international designer of nightclubs provides visitors with the highest level of entertainment in the world.
Present in São Paulo, Dubai, New York, Las Vegas and as far as Athens, the Club is attracting more than obligatory for those who enjoy night entertainment.

Peppers Hall

Diversão em Natal

Public excited, beautiful people and great space and well ventilated.

The Peppers Hall, invites tourists to have an unforgettable evening with cocktails and music of the highest quality, since forró (typical Northeast music) even electronic music dance.

The nightclub does not sin in luxury but affordable offers. Your environment is worked to be of the most innovative of the nightclubs.

Cervejaria Devassa

Cervejaria Devassa Natal

On Ponta Negra Beach, is the perfect place for those seeking the tranquillity of a bar or the excitement of a entertainment.

The Cervejaria Devassa offers a great atmosphere that pleases both families as young people who seek more excitement.

The mix between pub and entertainment creates the perfect balance, both for those who are tired and for those who want to get bored.

The night flows easily in Cervejaria Devassa, in several different environments, the visitor is always the feeling that just came in, impossible to get tired!

To improve, the beer are served at the point and with very affordable price.

Restaurants in Natal

Fogo & Chama Steak House

For being a tourist and cosmopolitan city, Natal can offer its visitors all the food options prices and tastes.

You can choose to make meals in most famous restaurants of Natal or choose the more simple, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Here we have selected some great options with good cost-benefit ratio.

Casa de Taipa

What can be more traditional in the Northeast than the macaxeira?

The Casa de Taipa offers you the most popular food made of macaxeira throughout the Northeast: tapioca.

The menu has more than 40 kinds and tapioca flavors; Has sweet, salty, there’s something for everyone!

Toca do Caranguejo

As the name suggests, the most sought-after dish of the House is the crab.

The crab is present in various dishes, one better than the other, and the prices are affordable.

A very traditional accompaniment in the Northeast is the dried meat, or as it is better known in the Northeast, “Charque” (beef jerky). And to drink, almost always suggested a beer.


Near Ponta Negra Beach, the restaurant Manary invites tourists to a good dining experience.

Feijoada (typical brazilian food) served at Manary is one of the most popular dishes by customers on Saturdays.

The House serves food to suit all tastes, and for those who enjoy seafood, the cost benefit here is great.

Ancora Caipira

Here are the most typical dishes of the coastal regions, such as dried meat, macaxeira flour and beans.

The dishes are usually hot and accompany all these ingredients: macaxeira, rice, beans and charque (beef jerky).

Natal vocabulary

This is for a few!

Northeasterners possess a very regional vocabulary, particularly the Natal citizen!

Here are some slang terms used in Natal that you’ll probably hear during your trip:

  1. Galado: it is a way to call someone, it could be good or could be bad. Ex: “come here galado!”, “did you see that galado that dude?”
  2. Boy: equivalent to “Bro” and “Man” serves for both men and women.
  3. Acunhar: Can be “run”, “running”, but is also used in the sense malicious. Acunhar someone is “give some kisses!”
  4. Charque: is famous beef jerky! You will hear in almost every restaurant, it’s good to get used to it!
  5. Arretado: you mean that something is cool, equivalent to “awesome!”
  6. Dirmitir o pé: it is an expression to hurt or twist on foot! You will hear a lot over there.
  7. Vots: is an expression of type “Our surprise!”, “Oh!”
  8. De Rocha : this expression appears when someone is according to what someone else says. Ex: “Do You Agree? De Rocha! “
  9. Sinalera: it is the car alert flashes. In few places is the semaphore.
  10. Rasga aí: this expression means “tell everything!”
  11. Vá te Reá: If you hear that, it’s not a good sign! Is the same as sending someone f**k.
  12. Tem pareia não: When something is very good and there’s nothing like it. Ex: “Diving in the Paranha tem pareia não”
  13. Cacareco: refers to old or unnecessary thing, like a “Schtick”, “stuff”, etc.
  14. Avia: it is used to rush anything. Ex: “Avia man, I have better things to do.”
  15. Ié or E é é: sounds weird, but the Northeast talk a lot as an expression of doubt “E é, é?”, it’s like a “really?”

Note: it’s good to make it clear that this is slang and expressions as such there are everywhere of Brazil, with our cultural diversity, however, you might talk to someone that does not use any slang above, or because you don’t like or don’t find formal, anyway that’s part, however I couldn’t help but share it with you, and I attached , you can never have too much knowledge, I was remembering them, I gave a good laugh a few. Natal is awesome!!!!

Season rentals in Natal

casa modelo teste

An alternative that can be more economical for those travelling with the whole family or friends, is the rent of real estate in Natal.

From August to February, the weather in Natal is perfect, temperature between 21ºC and 34ºC, high winds and the purest air in all of Latin America, so the desire to stay a little longer always comes.

For those who want to spend days or weeks, there’s no shortage of houses for rent in Natal, option that can work out cheaper than paying daily rates in hotels.

Many owners put their homes for rent in seasons, so you can find opportunities for homes or apartments for rent in Natal with varied values, even on the beach.

The biggest advantage of season rental is the freedom to feel at home, for visitors who enjoy more privacy, this option is welcome.

It is possible to find apartments for rent in Natal from 50 Reais (brazilizan money) per day, enough to surprise, because the cost of luxury city is quite expensive.

The condominiums of the apartments vary in their services and rates, some have other non-swimming pool, sea views or not.

Tips for renting a house in Natal

If you are from another town and still you don’t know Natal, here are some tips to not get into a hole and find good homes for rent in Natal.

The turnover of tourists in Natal is high all year round, especially in high seasons as end of year.

As a result, prices will vary according to demand, so try to deal with it 6 months before the date of travel.

This is one way of ensuring the owner the payment in full before other tourists appear offering any price for the property.

Search on sites such as trip advisor ratings or trivago what other visitors say about real estate.

Try to pay the most in cash to the property, that gives you leverage to negotiate the price with the owner.

Stay tuned in the distance to the beach, you won’t want to walk kilometers to get to places that want the most, even more with a strong sun or after a tiring day.

Try to know the region and the season in which you will, if the apartment is on the first floors for example, can have parties and bars around that bother you.

The car rental  tends to be relatively cheap, see if you’re going to rent the property has garage.

Thinking of you that’s here with me, I made available to owners of houses, apartments, flats could provide your options here with us,

Check out the options available and speak directly with the owner, all you can find here:

Now I have a question for you…

Did you like to know more about Natal? Are you already crazy to get the day of your trip? Or Did you came and are returning?

Leave a comment below and collaborate with our community.

And if you made it this far to know that you are determined, just read exact 5 thousand words, Congratulations!

Our beautiful Natal and we appreciate your company!

Think about the best vacation you’ve ever had in my entire life.

Multiply by 100.

So will your stay in Natal!

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