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Natal: 7 reasons to meet and fall in love with Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil

Ponta Negra Morro do Careca

Can you imagine what awaits you in Natal-RN?

Natal-RN: Below we highlight the 7 reasons not to be missed for you to make the most of your vacation here in Natal.

Check out have only a part of them:
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  • Amazing Places, Cultural Attractions
  • Delicious Tours
  • Best beaches of Natal
  • Where do your shopping
  • Where to eat and enjoy our delicious Gastronomy

So, are you ready to feel what awaits you on Natal?

I’m sure you’re in the right place, if you are in search of their perfect holiday, we are sure that our content will be ready to get out in front and make the most of our lovely Natal.


The 7 reasons you need to know about Natal, not to be missed!

If you are looking for a dream destination to visit in the Northeast, found!

In Rio Grande do Norte, Natal is one of the most beautiful capitals of the country, composed of a scenario with dunes, cliffs, natural pools and coral reefs.

Among the 400 kilometers of coastline in the capital and its surroundings you’ll find beautiful beaches, with fun tours by land or sea, a preserved nature, a lot of Sun during the day and great leisure options during the night.

With so many natural beauties, you need to book at least a week off if you want to know all the wonders of the capital potiguar and, preferably, to rent a car to go with more autonomy all the beaches in the region.

Another option is to rent a dune buggy in the morning of each day, you will stroll through the quiet beaches and have easy access to all of them.

And with the prospect of meeting the Coast Brazil in its entirety you still unable to decide by Natal, the following:

7 reasons to buy the tickets and hotel today and go towards this beautiful city!

Praia de Genipabu

Reason #1. Beaches of Natal

Pipa (2)

Towards the South coast or North Coast, the certainty is that you’ll find dazzling sceneries in Natal, with beaches for all tastes, whether for those who travel with family, with friends, to calm seas or for those who like restless waves.

Tours also abound: you can go through the fixed or mobile dunes on board a buggy, with extreme maneuvers, or enjoy the calm of a fishing village.

To complete, some beaches have natural pools with crystal clear waters and warm, full of colorful fish.
In addition to the North and south coasts, Natal has urban beaches as black sand, Artistas Beach and Meio Beach, which are not suitable for bathing to contain many rocks and reefs

Ponta Negra Beach, another Beach, is more famous and chime of Natal; it has a lively sidewalk stalls and a beautiful sea, which receives every day surfers, bathers, practitioners of kitesurfing, surfing and even supporters of stand-up paddle, you usually get to Ponta Negra at 5:00 in the morning. In addition, the beach is frequented by both locals as by tourists, bringing together several tribes.

The Ponta Negra Beach is also home to the most famous landmark, the Morro do Careca, which consists of a dune with a height of 120 meters surrounded by greenery.

However, unfortunately the location can only be appreciated from afar, since some time ago was closed to visitation.

With crystal clear water and fine sand, the beach of Pirangi do Sul has natural pools in General used to practice nautical sports and fishing also. In addition to its natural pools, the beach is perfect for hiking, with a backdrop of much beauty, and great restaurants.

If you want to visit Natal with your children, to Barra de Tabatinga is a great option. Equipped with tents and beach restaurants, the place has charming and friendly dolphins, arguably its greatest attraction, which always provide tourists with appearances in the evening.

If you want to see them, you must drive to the lookout point of the road.

If you choose to go to the Observatory, before visiting illustrious dolphins you can enjoy the beautiful view that forms with dunes and cliffs, an unforgettable scene!

Another very popular beach, Búzios has some points that are indicated for diving, while others are frequented by surfers.

Around there are also ponds and dunes that can be visited aboard buggys. The beach access is done by the Route of the Sun, at the end of Roberto Freire Avenue, in Ponta Negra.

Meanwhile, the Pirangi do Norte Beach is famous mainly for being near the largest cashew tree in the world, which has 8400 m ² of copa. If you want to perform excursions to the natural pools, is this beach the boats depart, on a route that includes also the beaches of Pirangi do Sul, Cotovelo and Buzios, interspersed the stops for visitors to do dives in the sea.

With beach huts and rides aboard quadricycles, the beach has year-round movement, including windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

If you are heading to the beaches of the South coast, the first stop will be at the Cotovelo Beach, 12 kilometers from Ponta Negra. On this beach you will find clear and soft sand and calm waters, perfect for those travelling with the family. To complete the dream scenario, the region also has cliffs, dunes and coconut trees.

The North Shore also is located the Beach Genipabu, one of the best-known in the region, having as main attraction dunes. The Board of buggies, tourists wander through the dunes as if there was a huge amusement park isolated from everything.

By hiring the tour, you will be asking whether you want the path to be performed “with or without emotion, and emotion means higher speed and moves by fixed and mobile dunes, sometimes presented with beautiful freshwater ponds.

More about accomodation, Hotels in Ponta Negra and Inns.

Upstairs, in the pile of sand, and a breathtaking view of Genipabu lagoon you can also conduct tours in the hump of friendly dromedaries. The tour ends in Genipabu Beach, quiet and have the protection of coral reefs, do not express such beauty due to its murky waters.

If you do not want to enjoy the sea, you can take a break at the Bar 21, enough photographed by tourists. The reason? By staying at the foot of the dune, a coconut tree twisted by the action of wind, has one of the most beautiful scenery of the region.

Another stunning Beach, famous for its coral formations, known as coral reefs, is Maracajaú, located 55 kilometers from Natal, on the North Coast, and 7 kilometers from the coast. During low tide, their reefs form beautiful swimming pools of crystal clear waters and warm, making diving amid colorful fishes.

The formations, fairly preserved, are home to a rich marine fauna, with pieces of Octopus, moray eels, sea bass, puffers and budiões, possible to see with mask and snorkel. How is an area of environmental preservation, the 13 km ² of Parrachos has tourist activity supervising controlled.

To get an idea, in the high season only 654 people can swim on site each day during the low season the number decreases: daily are allowed only 492 people.

The diving depth ranging from 2 to 4 meters, and the access to the site is done by means of fast boats, catamarans, rafts or boats of fishermen. All the tourists go to the same fixed point buoyant, where groups of divers go out to meet the marine beauty. According to preservation standards, is not allowed to touch anything.

Maracajau is located in Maxaranguape, known to house the nearest point of Africa in South America, the Cabo de São Roque. There, in order to flag the point, was built in 1898 one Lighthouse of 32 meters high, today a symbol of Maxaraguape.

In the city are still the Maxaranguape, quite visited by surfers, fishermen and windsurfers, beautiful lagoons and dunes that can be explored on a buggy or quadricycle and also the tree of love, two fig trees that appear to be embraced. The phenomenon is due to the strong winds blowing in the region.

The region Natal also features Jacumã ‘s Beach, where it is practiced the famous “” aerobundas “”, in a pond that bears the name of the beach. If you have no idea what is the “aerobundas”, the game is nothing more than a huge dune down sitting on a chair attached to a rope, falling straight into the lagoon with crystal clear waters.

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Forte Reis Magos

 Reason #2. Cultural Attractions

Praia do Forte

If you think Natal is made only of sand dunes and beaches, it’s worth knowing that the capital has a strong cultural expression and many stories to tell us. In the midst of various monuments and historical constructions, we ended up discovering not only the city, but also about the people who lived and still live there.

The symbol of the city is the Forte dos Reis Magos, built in the 16 century by the Portuguese, giving rise to Natal.

Which brings us to shape a five-pointed star, this is one of the best-known postcards of the city and is must-see if you want to know the background of the capital. In addition to its historical importance, the Fort also has a wonderful view of the urban beaches of Natal and is now listed by the national historical patrimony.

Another historical attraction is the Farol de Mãe Luiza, erected between 1949 and 1951. With 37 meters in height, which are accessible by a spiral-shaped staircase with 151 steps, the lighthouse has one of the most beautiful views of the beach of black sand, presenting us also overlooking the beaches of Ponta Negra and Genipabu.

On Natal you should also visit the tourist Center, located in the former House of detention for Natal. There’s a handicraft and antique and contemporary art gallery, showing us some of the beautiful story Brazil in conjunction with the evolution of popular culture. There is also space “Forró com turistas”, which features a regional music show every Thursday night. Worth also meet the Marenosso restaurant, with several typical dishes of the region.

In Natal, enjoy to meet Memorial Câmara Cascudo, created in honor of the acclaimed intellectual, folklorist and historian Luiz da Câmara Cascudo, with large collection of books, objects and documents that teach us about the popular culture Brazil;

1 – Alberto Maranhão Theatre, located in a historical building of neoclassical style, one of the most beautiful of the capital;

2 – the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, built between 1706 and 1714 by slaves, on top of a plateau with view of the Rio Potengi;

3 – and the Barreira do Inferno, an Air Force Base where was held the first launch from South America space rocket.

Baptized with this name by fishermen in the region in reference to fire-red color that the reflection of the Sun on the cliffs of the base at dusk today the site offers guided tours and performs aerospace research.

Parapente em Natal

Reason #3. Contact with nature

Passeio em Maracajaú

Not only of contemplation are the interactions between the natural area of Natal and its visitors. Many of the beautiful surroundings can be used for the practice of sports, mainly aquatic, such as windsurfing and surfing on the beaches of Ponta Negra and Artista, both; or diving, in natural pools and stand-up paddle also in Ponta Negra.

For those who want a touch with the green areas of the region, it is possible to make trekking on the trails of the Parque das Dunas; with great signage, you can choose between the Ubaia Doce trail, with 2.8 kilometers, Peroba, which boasts 1.4 kilometers and the trail Perobinha, with 800 meters. Along the walk you into the native vegetation, sand dunes and enjoy the local wildlife, with specimens of birds and marmosets.

If to you only the sky is the limit, Natal also has ultralight rides, rented at Genipabu Beach, we provide an incredible view of all points of the capital.

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Natal RN

 Reason #4. Nightlife

Diversão em Natal

After a day full of activities or too much sun on Natal night comes up with great options for tourists and residents of the region. The main meeting point is in Ponta Negra, where will young people, couples and families in search of good food and lots of fun. The neighborhood has many restaurants and bars, with live music of various genres.

To choose one of the numerous options, the tip is to take a walk through the top part of Ponta Negra, where is located the Taverna Pub, one of the locations of the Bohemian area. There are also the Decky, with bar with big screen and live music and the Pepper’s Hall, who each night features a different pace. If you like the rhythms of the region, take the opportunity to visit the Rastapé, which always fills up to the sound of the accordion and the zabumba.

On the Via Costeira there’s always events promoted by the major hotels that are installed there. In programming there is no shortage of music and dance shows and themed buffets. Worth it still go to the Centre of tourism on Thursdays performs a lively show with regional music.

Another popular location in the capital potiguar is the Artistas Beach, at night it gets crammed full of tourists in search of bars and restaurants. On Friday nights and Saturday the old neighborhood of Ribeira is also an option, being quite frequented by young people.

Artesanato Potiguar

Reason #5. Shopping

Casa do Nordeste

As well as other cities in the Northeast, one of the forts of Natal when its to shopping is craft, marketed in some parts of the city. In Ponta Negra you find local handicrafts in the handicraft market and Vilarte. However, the most popular is the Centre of Tourism in the District of Petrópolis. Allocated in a former jail, the site today exudes charm and has several craft shops.

Strolling through the beautiful garden you find pieces in wood, clay, glass, fabric and paint and also local cuisine items such as spices, cashews and cachaça. Before buying the first store to find, do a search of prices: some stores have different values for the same or similar products.

If you want to come home with income parts of labyrinth, it is necessary to go a step further: the Associação das Rendeiras de Labirinto stay in Campo de Santana, in the town of Nísia Floresta. The 45 kilometers trip, however, outweigh: there are beautiful pieces such as tablecloths, napkins, rugs and cushion covers.

Comida Típica RN

Reason #6. Gastronomy

Manary Gastronomia & Arte

If you want to experience everything it has to best in Natal food, go to the neighborhood of Ponta Negra, where is located the most restaurants in the city. Most of the establishments have a menu filled with seafood delicacies, like the famous moquecas of Moqueca Capixaba, but you can also taste other specialties of the region, such as salted meat, macaxeira, rice and green beans.

And don’t forget to save room for dessert: the restaurants serve tasty sweets as tapioca, sweet candy cashew and hat (sweet cheese and banana).

One of the best-known restaurants is the Mangai, which serves buffet at lunch and dinner, has a Regional Dinner, with typical fruit juices, tapioca, Couscous and macaxeira bread. The place has a cosy atmosphere, with typical decoration and waiters and waitresses dressed as Lampião and Maria Bonita.

Be sure to also visit the Marenosso, located in the center of tourism. In addition to great Northeastern dishes, the place has a beautiful panoramic view that encompasses the Artistas Beach to Forte-Redinha Bridge. As input, the tip is to ask for cassava dumplings stuffed with meat, shrimp and cheese curds. For the main course, carne-de-sol accompanied by green beans, macaxeira and farofa d’agua is the best option.

Another option of gastronomy typical of the area’s Ancora Caipira restaurant, located in Petrópolis. With décor inspired by in the hinterland of the Northeast, as well as most of the recipes on the menu, the site features snacks like peanut butter cups of salted meat beat in mortar and pestle with flour and main courses that include roast lamb palette in hot with a side of rice, vinaigrette, green beans, sweet potato and manioc. For dessert, the tip is to try the cheese melted butter with honey ingenuity.


Reason #7. Weather

Zumbi - RN

Natal has a humid and warm tropical weather, with high temperatures all year round, slightly mitigated due to constant winds that hit the city. With maximum temperatures that reach 32° C and 20°C minimum, Natal is a great destination any time of the year. To give an idea, it is estimated that the city has more than 1900 hours of sunshine per year.

However, unlike other parts of the country, Brazil has two distinct seasons: between September and January the station is dry, with a rather rare rains, while from February to August is rainy station, with the highest rainfall in April, may, June and July.

And we were elected by Nasa as the purest air of Americas even if you have breathing problems there is no better place to breathe than Natal.

Download for free our > Map of Natal <

Restaurante Camarões

Everything that the Northeast has to offer you’ll find in Rio Grande do Norte

Typical food, crafts, lots of sunshine, shadow and fresh water in addition to fun and recreation provided by beaches and dunes that make up the landscape of Natal town.

Enjoy all the cultural itinerary and all the hospitality that this wonderful place has to offer you!

The city of the Sun is ready to welcome you in every month of the year! The RN is among the States of Paraíba and Ceará.

You can get here by car, bus or plane itself in flights with direct landing on the new Governor Aluízio Alves Augusto Severo International Airport, located 45 kilometers from Natal.

Natal-RN was one of the venues that received the 2014 World Cup games.

To host the World Cup, is being built – where there was the traditional Machadão Stadium – the Arena das Dunas, with capacity to receive 43 1000 fans during the friendly matches planned for the month of June.

The Arena das Dunas is located on one of the main avenues of the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Prudente de Morais. Another acclaimed event, held annually since 1991, in Natal-RN is the Carnatal.

The carnival takes place in early December and brings together thousands of people from all over the Brazil that come enjoy the shows of the main artists of our country.

But regardless of these great events happening in the city from January to December you enjoy the best of Brazilian nature with lots of sunshine, gentle breezes and coconut water.

You need to know the Natal beaches that make up the urban scenario, as the Ponta Negra Beach, famous because of the greater urban dune-the Morro do Careca, besides the Redinha Beach, where you’ll find the Aquarium – Natal with penguins, sharks and a number of other species of animals. A stroll along the Via Costeira you will meet several other beaches.

The coast of RN is quite extensive and you can search at ease about what beaches to visit. Are 30 beaches divided between the North and south coasts. We are sure that your Natal will be unforgettable rides.

This is where is located the largest cashew tree in the world, on the beach of Pirangi. In the course of Natal until then you pass by Space Culture Center and tourist information of the barrier of hell.

The city also has a park, Atlantic forest reserve, Bosque dos Namorados also known as Parque das Dunas, where are held on Sundays musical performances.    

And if you like to know the culture of the cities where, our suggestion and that you include on your schedule a trip to the Alberto Maranhão Theatre, the State Art Gallery, the Church of the Galo, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Museum in tribute to the historian potiguar, Câmara Cascudo.

All these places are located in the city centre or the River-places where the city started to be built. Another historical monument that you can’t help but know is the Forte dos Reis Magos.

To stay here is no problem! There are options for all tastes and pockets. Both the main streets as by the beach you find lodging options. The number of Options of Hotels and Inns , and inns in Natal is so satisfying that I didn’t need to invest in the hotel business to receive tourists set out with the 2014 World Cup.

Our tip is the Pizzato Praia Hotel . Located in Ponta Negra district, just a few steps from the sea. This hotel sums up what the city has to offer: quality in their fun and cozy accommodations.  

More about accommodation: hotels and Inns in Ponta Negra.

And if on your Natal tours can not miss the best Northeastern cuisine, you need to know our restaurants offering traditional seafood dishes – like shrimp and fish, in addition of course, regional cuisine-as chicken, dressing, chopped and the baião de 2. The famous swings with tapioca you will find on the market of little net.

After all the fun we are sure you will want to extend the pleasure to stay here, in our State, carrying memories of Natal tours to yourself and to the families who stayed at home eager for your back.

In Ponta Negra beach you’ll find the Craft Shopping Natal, the Vilarte, the handicraft market and the Beach. And to perfect even more shopping visit the Midway Mall and Natal Shopping – both on the main avenue of the city, the Salgado Filho.

Your tastes found the right place, Natal/RN and Ponta Negra!

Lótus Japanese Fusion Cuisine

When we choose a destination to meet and live good times we take into consideration the climate, natural beauty and of course the local cuisine. After all, you can’t really know a State without tasting the delicious dishes offered by traditional restaurants or in the case of coastal cities, by the sea. In Natal-RN, in every neighborhood you can enjoy the best of Northeast cuisine and the refinement of the dishes with seafood.

In all the malls of the city- Praia Shopping, Midway Mall, Natal Shopping, Cidade Verde, Via Direta and Norte Shopping – you will find numerous dining options, all very tasteful. In the districts of Lagoa Nova Petrópolis and, more sophisticated environments, such as Mangai and Neruda conquer natal citizen and tourists from all over the Brazil. In the tents of the urban beaches play traditional swings with tapioca. You will love it! Meet the gastronomic itinerary in the city of Natal-RN.

Take with you a little bit of Natal-RN or the city of the Sun and is always welcome to our land! Until next time! And if you want to meet Natal drive, car rental in Natal , you will be enchanted!

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