Natal Praias

North Coast

Barra do Rio

Barra do Rio

North Coast: Distant 35 kilometers from Natal RN, the beach of Barra do Rio is located on the North Coast, soon after the beach of Jenipabu.

What more attracts tourists to the north shore are the famous dunes white furniture-fit for the buggy ride, and also for walks in Dromedary.

You can wear Arab costumes to create the landscape of desert and take a photograph as a souvenir home.

Unlike other beaches of this coastline, to reach the Barra do Rio is necessary to cross the river Ceará-Mirim by ferry to continue the tour under the dunes – men with paddles do the crossing of the visitors.

Barra de Maxaranguape

Barra de Maxaranguape

Located on the North Coast, in the town of the same name, Barra de Maxaranguape makes every year one of the best beach of the State carnivals.

The movement occurs only at this time.

In the remainder of the year the beach is characterized by the calmness and peace both at sea and on the streets.

The greatest show in this place is the meeting with the Maxaranguape River. Its reefs provide calm and waters suitable for bathing. 

Cabo de São Roque- The famous Love Tree

Cabo de São Roque - RN

Located on the North coast of Natal RN, getting 47 km, Cabo de São Roque is the location of the Brazilian coast closer to the coast of the African continent.

In addition to the common beauty the other beaches as the dunes, this beach has huge cliffs with coconut trees and palm trees, the famous Tree of love and the Farol de São Roque.

The tree of love is formed by a Union, the result of the force of the winds, of two trees of type Gameleira. The natives say the couple kissing under the arch formed by the tree trunks will never separate.

Already the lighthouse of Cabo de San Roque, was built in 1898 and has 32 meters high.


Cajueiro - RN

The Cajueiro Beach belongs to the municipality of Bulls, on the northern coast of RN. It also has a bucolic landscape for being little visited by tourists.

You won’t find sellers, nor beachfront tents. Will be faced only with the fishermen in the region with their rafts going or coming back from fishing. White dunes can also be seen in this region.

The southern beach of the cashew tree you will see the Farol do Calcanhar. The greatest beacon of Latin America, and second largest in the world. It is 68 meters high and 298 steps to reach the top.

Cajueiro Beach has this name because in the past, a cashew tree made the region – which was deserted-known.

At the time the beach was called “São Francisco de Touros”, and later renamed Cajueiro Beach.

The old tree that gave its name to the beach no longer exists.


Falésias Caraúbas - RN

Located 49 kilometers from Natal RN, shortly after the municipality of Maxaranguape Caraúbas Beach still preserves the fishing village.

What will turn your stay at great days of rest. The sea is calm and clear water which will make your bath a lot nicer.

In addition to the coral reefs that form natural pools, the region has a wide variety of ponds. There are also Palm trees and cliffs that make up the scenario.


Galinhos - RN


Graçandu - RN

Located on the northern coast of RN, Graçandú beach is little visited by tourists due to its confusing location between the river and the Pitangui Beach.

Little exploited by the tourist trade that is a place that retains an air of tranquility unique and if you want to visit it is advisable to take what is need to consume because there’s no beachfront tents.

Its waters are suitable for bathing and also you cannot fail to make a walk in its sands.

The big news is the jet-ski rides and ultralight. The Graçandú dunes will also enchant you and bring them back that place on your next vacation.


Lagoa de Jacumã - RN
Located soon after the Pitangui Beach, 33 kilometers from Natal RN, Jacuma Beach is one of the leading choices to take advantage of the summer resort in the northern part of the State. Its reefs leave the calm sea and own bathroom.

But if you want a bath of fresh water can go down to the pond of Jacuma-between dunes — and have a little more adrenaline enjoying the “aerobundas” or “skibunda”.

In the “aerobundas” by means of a huge steel cable the person off the dune and falls into the water of the lagoon; in skibunda, you slide in Dune on a cutting board until you reach the pond. Get ready for the fun.

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Maracajaú - RN

If you never swam with fish, or as fish, here you will have your chance. Maracajaú Beach is considered the Caribbean of RN, the diving paradise. There are 13 kilometers of clear water, coral reefs – natural pools in the ocean formed by reefs – and coral to be explored and that are home to several species of fauna and flora.

If you haven’t had diving lessons, don’t worry, here are offered for beginners classes, diving service with or without cylinder, plus of course, the boat ride with unique view and incomparable.

Maracajaú is one of the five most visited destinations in Rio Grande do Norte. Have a great tourist structure with Inn, small hotels, restaurants, craft shops and the Ma-Noa Park: water park with pools, Toboggans, bars and restaurants.

Maracajaú is a fishing village with about 2000 inhabitants of. Is located 54 kilometers from Natal RN on the North Coast, and belongs to the municipality of Maxaranguape.

Certainly in its tourism in Natal RN you will want to stop by. Want to unravelling this lovely walk?


Muriú - RN

Located soon after the Jacuma Beach, Muriú is 36 kilometers far from Natal RN. With its sand dunes, Palm trees, sea calm and great for bath, Muriú not stand behind any beach on the North Coast.

At low tide form natural swimming pools, being the most famous and funny name: “old hole” visited for scubadiving.

The beach of Muriú is famous for the lobster fishery. In high season offers tours of banana boat and jet-ski.


Lagoa de Pitangui - RN

Located on the North Coast after the beach of Graçandú, Pitangui is 25 kilometers away from Natal RN and is there where you will see one of the most beautiful lagoons in the region: the Lagoa de Pitangui.

With clear and calm waters is possible to make pedal boat or kayak ride, enjoy restaurants with typical dishes and believe that if you are in an oasis.

The landscape of this beach is still composed by coconut trees and palm trees, and retains the rustic simplicity of a place that has not been fully taken by tourism.

Is one of the favorite beaches to enjoy the holiday. Its dunes are an attraction to part: don’t let your Natal tourism finish without making a buggy ride.


Praia de Pititinga - RN
Pititinga is located on the North coast of Natal, 59 kilometers before the Punaú Beach. It is marked by a quiet typical of beaches of the region.

The landscape consists of low dunes and many coconut trees. South of the beach, near the “Ponto do Coconho”, the sea is attractive, however.

Of this section, at low tide, it is possible to see the hull of a sunken ship in 1805.

Ponta Gorda

The Ponta Gorda Beach, also known as Gameleiras Beach, almost deserted beach. Located on the northern coast of RN, is full of cliffs and coconut palms. It is considered a continuation of the beach of Cabo de São Roque.


It is located at 65 kilometers from Natal RN, on the North Coast. The municipality of Punaú belong by Rio do Fogo.

The landscape of the place is only revealing the date of Rio Punaú – which has dark waters – the sea – from clear water. At high tide the sea enters the river and forms a lagoon.

There you also find the landscape already common to the North Coast: coconut trees with extensive ranges of dunes. In Punaú River a leisure option is to kayaking.

You can also practise skibunda – descent on a plank of wood, under the dunes, which takes you straight to the river.

Rio do Fogo

Rio do Fogo - RN

Located on the North coast of Natal RN, 75 kilometers, the municipality of Rio do Fogo is home to a beach of the same name. According to a legend, fishermen stated view on the lagoon a great ring of fire. The pond then went on to be called “Fire Lake”.

A striking feature of this place is the meeting of the lagoon with the sea, forming a kind of river, hence the name “Rio do Fogo”.

The municipality has about 10000 inhabitants, and has a landscape composed of white sand dunes, coconut trees and ponds. This target is quiet, ideal for those who want to go diving, sailing and canoeing, in addition to the sea be conducive for shower.

Rio do Fogo also has the third largest wind farm of Brazil, with 62 wind turbines spread across a huge area of sand dunes – not far from the beach. The wind farm was opened in 2006 and at the time was the largest in Latin America.

Santa Rita

Santa Rita - RN

It is located on the North coast of Natal RN, shortly after the Redinha Beach and before Jenipabu Beach, Santa Rita Beach is little busy, has few bars and tents by the seashore, so inviting for those who are looking for rest.

The sea is quiet and suitable for bathing, so in its tourism in Natal is necessary to meet.

But if you think that because she is a little visited is less interesting, you’re wrong.

Occasionally the dunes of Santa Rita – due to all the splendor of the dunes of the North Coast – appear on television by recreating the perfect setting for a desert, as was the case of the miniseries Sansão e Dalila recorded in 2010.

São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN
Located at 112 kilometers from Natal RN, in the municipality of the same name the São Miguel do Gostoso Beach is one of the main points of interest of the North coast of the State, and we can even dare saying also in the Northeast.

Ideal to practice extreme sports as kitesurfing and windsurfing due to strong winds. You’ll find at the entrance a sign with the words: “here is done good”.

And must take this seriously and enjoy the beauty and elegance of the place.

The town is an important tourist centre that is gaining investments, but without losing the grace of wild beaches. The municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso is composed by beaches: Ponta do Santo Cristo, Cardeiro Beach, Xepa Beach, Maceió Beach, Tourinhos Beach and Marco Beach.

In addition to the local beauty, another highlight is the gastronomy of the place, which is based in northeastern dishes and seafood dishes with lobster and shrimp.

There is still a great inns apparatus that will provide cozy moments, and shops that display the quality of the local handicraft. LEARN MORE : Sao Miguel do Gostoso


Praia de Touros - RN

Located on the North coast of Natal RN, the Touros Beach is 96 kilometers, carries the same name as the municipality to which it belongs.

There you will find the beautiful beaches of “Carnaubinha”, Garças, Peroba and Cajueiro. The greatest beacon of Latin America, and second largest in the world, the Farol de Touros or Calcanhar, is located at the tip of the heel-nearby beach. Has 68 meters high and you need to climb stairs to reach 298 to the top.

Around the Touros, you will meet the ground Zero – monument designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer to demarcate the beginning of route BR-101. Another important work for the history of the bulls and the RN is the landmark of the bulls – one of the first records of the Portuguese in Brazil, dating from 1501.

But all this historical importance doesn’t steal the Touros seem quiet place. Those looking for tranquility must know its beaches, except in the Carnival period – where vacationers mainly from Natal RN area steal the serenity of the place to party.


Zumbi - RN

Belonging to the municipality of Rio do Fogo, on the northern coast of RN, the Zumbi Beach has a wild beauty result being a beach almost unknown. Is a typical fishing village, but also serves as a retreat for some vacationers. Its landscape is composed of Palm trees, dunes and the sea is calm. If you want to meet this beach is just 70 kilometers from Natal RN.

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