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Galinhos-RN: Fall in love with this paradise!

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Galinhos-RN: Located on the coast of Brazil or simply Galinhos, is approximately 170 kilometers from Natal.

Without all the infrastructure that the most famous feature, this paradise has not yet been fully discovered by the tourists.

Located at the tip of a peninsula this beach also does not offer easy access: isolated by dunes that move, to get there you need to travel 2 hours by car, leave your car in the parking lot of Porto de Pratagil.

(Free and with 24 hours surveillance) and then by boat to the village, a beautiful place, with soft sands and streets taken by donkey carts to the headland of sand that advances towards the dazzling blue waters.

Meet the Beach

One of the charms of Galinhos is its simplicity: no colored cliffs, super luxury, fashionable restaurants inns or bustling nightlife, the Beach offers us days of very quiet amid almost deserts, scenarios perfect to relax.

Galinhos has several distinct attractions, such as the mangrove forest that occupies much of the coast. It’s kind of a nursery for oysters, crabs and birds, like the charming blue and white herons.

In the middle of the vegetation, we can see also an imposing white mountain, formed by salt, which calls attention to the local scene. The mountains, popularly known as salinas, come from the salt extracted from the sea.

As the waters have a large density, if you decide to take a dip, will float automatically, an unforgettable experience. These waters quite salty, you’ll also find the bat, which has two legs and rough skin. There are also mangrove sea horses of different colours and sizes.

Still in Galinhos Parque das Dunas are allocated other animal species: crabs that are lost in the dunes, unable to go back to the mangrove. During the period of breeding, the walk of the crabs, females end up losing in the dunes and we need help from local guides so they can return to their natural habitat.

With strong winds, reaching up to 40 km/hours, the beach is a super target sought by those who practise windsurf and kitesurf, mainly European tourists.

Tours in Galinhos

Galinhos - RN

One of the tours that we indicate in Galinhos is dip in the natural swimming pools at the Ponta do Farol with warm waters and clear. To get there, you need to rent a mule, the only way to offset available.

Upon arriving at the tip of the lighthouse, you can dive, relax and watch the wonderful sunset this paradise presents us.

On the way there, you can take advantage of to meet the Cooperativa de Artesanato, with decoration pieces, lace and embroidery made on the spot by artisans of the place. Along the way you can also see fishermen’s houses and their rafts, which make the scenery even more heavenly.

Indicate also the buggy ride through the edge, with script from Galinhos until the the nearby village of Galos.

The back of the ride can be held on the other side of the edge, which leads to the lighthouse from the beach of Galinhos. Another option, for those who want something a little more comfortable, is make this buggy ride.

Despite being more expensive, the ride has a larger script, taking us to the beautiful dunes in the region.

Worth also make the boat trip through the arm of the sea, more commonly known in the region as river.

The tour is unforgettable and takes us to the dunes, passing the impressive salinas and taking a break for tourists bask in the waters of the ponds that form in the middle of the dunes, formed by rainwater.

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