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Fernando de Noronha: This Wonderful Destination Check out everything that is waiting for you!

The Paradise only 211 miles from Natal
Morro dois Irmãos Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is really close to Rio Grande do Norte, making the state the closest location from the archipelago. Noronha has about 3,5 thousands people living there and an huge preservation of the environment. In the archipelago there are 21 islands, but only one can be visited by tourists. There are a lot of beaches and bays that makes the place one of the most beautiful touristic routes in Brazil. You can go to Noronha via airplane, with direct plane from Natal, or even a cruise ship.

The island of Noronho is one of the best places to practice diving due to having one of the most beautiful marine parks around the world. There are many points to dive, for people with many different levels of experience. It’s possible to make boa tours and tracks with a little more physical effort. Don’t forget your camera!

In Noronha you’ll hooked not only by its beauty but by the high class gastronomy that has on its specialty in fruits of the sea. The location also offers many options in hosting. To getting into the island you have to get a preservation tax. This tax can be paid via Governo do Estado de Pernambuco web page.

Fernando de Noronha

Praia da Conceição

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If the Paradise is really real it is in Fernando de Noronha, archipelago in Pernambuco, about 340 miles from Recife. And only 230 miles from Natal-RN, which is the closest point of the island. So, there are planes going out of Natal in a daily basis with Noronha as destination by the Azul Airlines. If you come to Natal, you can and must stretch the vacation and get to know this amazing charming place.

With a sea tainted in shades of green and blue, golden sand, abundant sea wildlife, reefs and rocky formations, Fernando de Noronha is one of the most visited places in Brasil, even with the high price.

Accessible only via plane or ship, and the archipelago receives all its food from the continent, which makes the price higher. Besides that some taxes are paid for admission and staying, also tickets for many attractions, it all raises the price of the trip. Even with all that Noronha makes worthwhile any price.

Discovered in 1503, Noronha worked until 1982 as a military and prison facility. Only in the 90’s the island was open for tourism that is the main reason its beauties are preserved until today. Even with the opening to tourism some places are still restricted, the archipelago was turned World Heritage by UNESCO. One of the restrictions of the place is that only 240 people can stay there overnight, which makes the place less crowded and more special.



What to do in Fernando de Noronha

Golfinhos em Noronha

Between the most famous landmarks around the place there is the beaches of Baía dos Porcos (Bay of pigs), and the hills of Pico and Dois irmãos.

With only a 17 km² , the island has the tiniest federal highway of Brazil, with only 3.7 miles, that makes easy to explore all of Fernando de Noronha by its fullest, mainly its beaches, divided by the Mar de Fora and Mar de Dentro, with many attractions that includes the viewing of the dolphins and boat trip, divided by the Mar de Fora and Mar de Dentro, with many attractions that includes the viewing of the dolphins and boat trip, divided by the Mar de For a and Mar de Dentro, with many attractions that includes the viewing of the dolphins and boat trips.

One of the must-go places in Noronha is the diving session; classified as one of the best place in the worlds to dive, the archipelago guarantee many unforgettable moments for those who visit the place.

If you have a bit of insecurity with diving, even with an instructor, you can choose to just swim with a snorkel, that is a mask with a breathing tube, that way you can have fun with the submerse beauties of the natural pools in Atalaia beach, Besides the coral reefs, there is little colorful fishes, the visitors can also find stingrays, turtles and small shark.

There are also attractions to the surfers in Noronha beaches, especially in Cacimba do Padre; from December do March there is perfect waves of 2 to 5 meters high that is sure to be really fun.

If you want to know more about Noronha’s story a great option is to go to the Vila dos Remédios, the most important place of the island, and its first urban center. There is many historical attractions you can see, it’s possible to go to São Miguel Palace, built in a colonial style, the place is now Noronha’s administration headquarters, you can go to Nossa Senhora dos Rémedios Church, that had its ruins turned in artistic treasure by Iphan. In every one of these places you can have a great view of the whole place in all its beauty.

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Beaches of Noronha 

Cacimba do Padre Noronha

Picture: Marcelo Maragni

Since most of the people that live in Fernando de Noronha to stay only a few days it’s really important to plan your trip so you can enjoy the attractions the best way possible. That includes in some cases, having to know only some beaches, choosing the ones that fits you the better.

Diveded between Mar de Dentro, facing Brazil, and Mar de Fora that faces the Africa’s direction, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has many beaches with many traits. The beaches with more crystal clear water, for example, are faced towards Brazil. In this side, the most beautiful beaches are Sancho beach, Bay of Pigs, and Cacimba do Padre. It also that the sun sets, an amazing spectacle of nature to be seen and to be treasured, that reunites tourists and town’s people, mainly in the Boldró beach and Conceição.

In all the beaches of Noronha, you can do some diving to take a look in the wild sea life of the place.

Not every beach has bars and places to buy food, so it’s highly recommended that you carry water and some sandwiches while you stay in the location. Carry a sun blocker too, and bags to clean any mess you can happen to make.

Have unforgettable days in this Paradise:

Attractions and Gastronomy

Mergulho em Noronha

Feel at Home

Pousada Pedras Secas

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