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SEABRA’S Rent a Car – Ponta Negra

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The price depends on the car that you have chosen, its year, model, and the days you’ll use it.

To consult our prices or to clarify your questions you can send an e-mail to: Or if you prefer you can talk to us on the 55 84 3462 3350 or 55 84 9991 60 82.

All vehicles has insure with a Franchise Tax of R$ 1.800,00. The Tax is used in case of accident.

For rents that will take less than 3 days the car must be withdraw and returned to the rental only.

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In a quick, easy and safe way you can guarantee a car in Natal!

1º – Be 21 (Twenty One) or older and have a driver’s license for more than 2 years. (Essential)
2º – Have your ID, CPF (Insurance Number) or the Passport with foreign. (Essential)
3º – Proof of Address of the person who will rend the car, or of tutors. (Essential)
4º Credit Card in the name of the person who will rent the car with lime of same or superior amount of the tax franchise. (Essential)

The check deposit required by the rental is going to be blocked in the client’s credit card on the rent moment and unblocked after the vehicle’s return. The card’s administration can take up to 48h to get through the process. The deposit check can be hold in the rental in case of damage on its property.



° Accessories;
° Pneumatic System (Any damage to the tires or even wheels)
° Any damage done by flood or any other natural phenomenon;
° Damage done by miss conduct of the vehicle;
° Document and Keys (In case of loss or damage).
(If any of this occurs the price shall be paid by the person who rented the vehicle)


“We are sure that we can give you an amazing experience, based on our experience in all of our 27 years serving any kind of visitor.

We’ll find the best for you in the time to choose your car so you can have unforgettable ways in the city of Sun.

It will be a pleasure to help you in the best way possible while you’re in your vacation.

Our joy is that you can have wonderful moments that you’ll remember forever and are going to tell to your family and friends.

You know what? That is what move us, this is what matter the post to us, help you with the best way possible in our beautiful and beloved Natal.”

Igor Seabra – Seabra’s rent a Car

Make a free quotation

In a quick, easy and safe way you can guarantee your car in Natal

I’ll leave here how to contact me


Or if you prefer you can call us on 55 84 3642 3350 or 55 84 9 9991 6082.

I’m waiting for your visit in Natal and your call. If you tell that you have seen this message here on the cool Natal Praia, I’ll give you a special surprise, cheers!

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