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Rent a Car and Enjoy the city of the Sun.

Car rental in Natal left long ago to be synonymous with luxury and essential prerequisite for walks and enjoy the city while on vacation or on business trips. This way saves you time, because you won’t be waiting for the bus to get to your destination, do the walk in the comfort of a car and will have greater convenience to move with their purchases.

Besides, the private transport is much safer for the public, and you will be able to go out at night without worrying about the money for a taxi – since the bus lines don’t work at dawn.

Among the various facilities to make unforgettable excursions in Natal-RN is the variety of car rentals to make car rental in Natal is a unique feature of the city. Many companies accept payment via credit card, which is a facilitator.

Stay tuned for all the details and time aspects of your choice, because they can make a difference in your trip. Remember to look for a store outside the airport and book in advance are crucial factors for the fare to be more accessible to your pocket.

We need to consider a few factors before making the car rental in Natal, as well as anywhere else.

First you should choose a car that is cozy for you and your family. Consider also the quantity bags that is bringing and if this volume will increase in the return to your city – since most small cars contain a limited number of baggage.

So if you’re already with the keys of the car to the hands know that driving the streets of Natal is easy.

The BR-101 starts when you arrive in town. senador Salgado Filho Avenue continues the BR and soon after is the Hermes da Fonseca Avenue – these are the main streets of the city, where you’ll find the two main malls: Natal Shopping and Midway Mall.

There is also the engineer Roberto Freire, principal of the neighborhood of Ponta Negra, where is located at the beach of the same name, most hotels in Natal, the main tourist spot of the RN, the Morro do Careca and many car rental options in Natal.

A tip from us for people who want to car rental service at Natal is this: try not to be in transit at peak hours as early morning – when people are going to work – and in the late afternoon – when they return to their homes-after all, even Natal having an air of small town, the capital of the State of RN has a heavy flow of car in some timetables like other capitals

The car rental in Natal, How can greatly facilitate my vacation?

What do you mean? It will reduce the distance between you and the main beaches of Natal town and as I always say Natal here the price for renting a car is very economical.

To reach the beaches of the South Coast like Pirangi, Tabatinga, Buzios and Cotovelo the access takes place through the route of the Sun, since access to the area north of the city, where is located the beach Genipabu, Maracajaú, Bulls and São Miguel do Gostoso was facilitated with the construction of the Newton Navarro bridge.

To get to the famous Pipa Beach you must go through the city of Parnamirim, passing through São José de Mipibú and in Goianinha you will have the road to the town of Tibau do Sul that will take you to the Pipa Beach.

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How does the car rental?

The Site presented the best 2 Natal Praias car rental agencies in NATAL through a strict criterion which was done, and through research and customer reviews and so when you submit the request the 2 stores will pass the price and conditions, so you choose the one that best satisfy their needs, simple, fast and secure!


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