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Beaches of Brazil’s Northeast

Now we’re going to talk about the most beautiful beaches of Brazilian northeast. Every single one that we recommend in this article can be visited and are going to satisfice due its beauties and charm. We care our visitor’s joy and happiness, even if you don’t choose Natal as your destination, all we want is that your vacation be the best one ever.

With this selfless feeling and the knowledge we share we hope to have granted a lot of joy and satisfaction in your life. That is our MISSION, be known as helpful in any occasion.

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Located on the Cacau Coast, in the south of Bahia, and approximately 186 miles away from Salvador, Itacaré is an old city from the colonial age, and it was used as resting place for many Cacau Lords, and until now the place keeps its memories from the glory days. The city has many big houses with the esthetic of centuries ago. In its majority the big houses are now hotels or restaurants.

After the Cacau rush the city was slowly left in the corner when a plague known as Witches’ Broom Disease bankrupted all the big farmers in the region. Only 40 years later the beauty of the place was rediscovered during the construction of the Parque-Ilhéus-Itacaré highway.

The highway took the place of an old country road that only surfers would dare to venture, and the improvement called the attention of more tourists that boosted the visits to this paradise in Bahia.

The tourism also got a boost from the new facilities like water resorts, comfortable inns, cyber cafeterias and international gastronomy restaurants. Another important fact is the eco-tourism that has lured many visitors looking for a place with preserved rivers and beautiful desert beaches, as well as stunning waterfalls surrounded by the Atlantic vegetation.

As if it wasn’t the enough, Itacaré also has a unique geological formation that can’t be found in any other city of the northeast, with an edge made with beaches and cliffs between plantations of palm trees. The place then becomes a perfect location to many activities such as, rafiting, surf, zip-lines, tree top walks and mountain bike.

Even though the city is modernized it still conserves your trails intact, it’s the only way to get to the most wonderful scenarios of the place. There are also many vehicles that you can take to adventure, like boats, jeeps, bikes and rowboats.

Other beaches in the region

Itacaré highlights itself on the South of Bahia because of the numerous beaches with great waves and beautiful landscapes made up by the Atlantic forest, such as the beaches of Engenhoca, Jeribucaçu, Prainha and Havaizinho (Little Hawaii). For those who seeks more comfort it’s viable to go to the central beaches like Concha and Ribeira, with a great structure made up of many barracks and a lot of people.

The Prainha is the landmark of the place, one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Surrounded by cliffs of green, it also has a plantation of palm trees and good waves to surf. The Engenhoca is visited by many surfers too; it has many natural pools, hills and palm trees. Havaizinho beach is one of the greatest beaches to surf, it has many reefs, strong waves and beautiful palm trees.

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Arraial D’Ajuda

Praias do Nordeste

With plenty of tourists from every place in the world, Arraial D’Ajuda is a village of Porto Segura, in Bahia. The place attracts thousands of visitors due to its natural beauties, like the wonderful turquoise blue sea and pure white sand, a true charm with no match.

The village is made up of people from every corner of the world, with restaurants of different gastronomy of other countries, as well as stores, which gives the visitor the opportunity to know a little of many cultures in this place of paradise.

Another remarkable characteristic of the village is its architecture, made up of rustic and exotics constructions and constructions, every one of them very colorful, in perfect harmony with the ambient around.

What to do in the village?

The main street of Arraial D’Ajuda it’s the Mucugê Street where it is located restaurants and local stores. The place consists in a series of rustics little stores, with a singular architecture, that have inspirations from German and Chinese constructions.

Through a way of stones the street takes you to two of the main beaches of Arraia: Beach of Mucugê and the Beach of Pitinga.

The beach of Mucugê is the most visited by families due to its central localization. The natural pools fill with tourists that enjoy the warm temperature of the water. Besides that there are a lot of options of nautical sports, you just got to choose your favorite one! In the nights the sands of the beach are filled with youth enjoying parties at the night or dancing to electric songs.

For those who seek more tranquility, the beach of Pitinga is a good option, filled with barracks of drinks and foods, and with a stunning landscape made of cliffs that color the view. The Beach of Taipe however, has a hard access making it perfect for those with and adventure spirit that likes to challenge new tracks while searching for amazing views, in this case made mostly of cliffs with more than 40 meters and an incredible coloration. The place however has a good structure with many little stores of drink and food to replenish your energies.

If you like a more rad sport the best suggestion is the Beach of Parracho where the music is loud, people are young and the windsurf boards are sure to be there, just like many rowboats, many dancers and volley, soccer and foot-voley players.

Another attraction is the Arraial D’Ajuda’s Eco-Park, an aquatic theme park with a great view to the sea. The place has many toboggan, pools, floating paths and many other radical adventures like zip-lines, rappel and tree top walks.

Night Life

With so many tourists in the night life of Arraial D’Ajuda it’s sure to have many moments of fun, mainly in the high season! In your sands people dance to the sound of popular songs in Brazil, reggae and funk, while the others talk on pubs and restaurants with live music. The bars and restaurants have a great gastronomic variety, worth of a village used to deal with diversity of your tourists.

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Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs)

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha belongs to the state of Pernambuco, and it’s for sure one of the most desired places to go in Brazil. Your natural beauty and charm lures many people from all the country and the world. In this archipelago is the Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs) with only 100 meters of extension the bay overflows with beauty that is sure to please any visitor.

Just so you can have an idea, in the years of 2013 and 2014, the bay was elected by the “Guia Quatro Rodas” as the most beautiful bay of the Brazil’s Edge passing over Porto de Galinhas e Maragogi.


A jewel in the middle of Fernando de Noranha, the Bay of Pigs reserves unforgettable attractions for the tourists that visit the place to get closer to the nature and its wild life.

The bay is located in the base of a hill known as Morro Dois Irmãos (Two brothers hill), the bay is a true natural pool where you can find diversity of sea creatures such as: fishes, sea turtles, starfish, sea hedgehog, and stingrays.

Another unforgettable attraction is the volcanic rocks touching the blue-green water. The rare view makes the beach makes you wish to stay there for many days, just relaxing everything nature can give to you.

How to get there

Located approximately 240 miles from Recife, capital of Pernambuco, Fernando de Noranha is accessible via boat or airplane. The most common way is to go to Recife and take a plane from there to Noronha.

Once you reach Noronha, if you plan to go to the Bay of Pigs, be ready for the path, the way is only accessible on foot, taking out from Cacimba do Padre and have a walk in the sand in a small track made of rocks. The effort is worth the view, the natural pools with translucent water and the view made of high walls of rock along with a good view of the Two Brothers Hills are going to be in your memory for ever.

The cost of the trip

Many people questions the high cost to make a trip to Fernando de Noronha, from the passage to the extra expenses. One of the reasons of the high prices is that the products come from the continent raising the price.

When you get ready to travel to the archipelago and the beautiful Bay of Pigs, you’ll also note that price to stay in the bay is really high. That occurs because the tax of stay as well as the ticket to the Water Park has a high price. Anyway the price with the trip, the hosting and the staying in the archipelago are compensated with all the natural beauties that you get to know in Fernando de Noranha. After all there is a reason for people not willing to go back home once they get there.


Barra Grande

Barra Grande


Praia de Jericoacoara

The beach of Jericoacoara features in the Top 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil. A very charming beach located 186 miles from Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. Even with the world wide fame the life hasn’t changed much in the fisher’s village, the life style still the same, just like the sand streets and the lack of public lightning. The reason is easy to understand, even though it’s a stunning beach, the path to it still poor in structure, only possible to be made in a 4 wheels traction vehicle.

Besides that the region has transformed in an area of ambient protection in 1984, and in 2002 it was turned in a National Park, that makes obligatory the preservation of its 200km² of beautiful dunes, lagoons of crystal clear water, and mangrove.

Talking about lagoons, they are considered the best “beaches” in the place. Jijoca being the most known, the “beach” is divided between Lagoa do Paraíso (Paradise Lagoon), that has many inns and restaurants, and the Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) that have a more rustic style with simple barracks.

What to do and what to see

Jeri Considered one of the best beaches in the country for those who like to do nautical sports due to its good winds. In the area is possible to have fun in rafts and in kitesurf boards that spreads to the whole water mirror in perfect harmony.

Besides that the central beach of Jeri, which is most visited by windsurfers, has as the main attraction the Duna do Pôr do Sol (Sunset Dune), where every day by the twilight time, tourists and natives climb the 30 meters of sand to enjoy the magnificent show of the sun meeting the sea.

After that, the night starts to get agitated in the main street of Jericoacoara. On that street visitors and people from the city can taste sweet “capirinhas” served in barracks and bars and then they go to forró houses, to enjoy a little samba or some live music. Some of the most famous options are the Forro of Dona Amélia, that happens every Wednesday and Saturday, and the Maloka, every Thursday.

If you happen to prefer a place to eat some snacks, drink some beer with some friends and listen to some good music, go to the Samba Rock, next to the capirinha barracks, or to the Tortuga, located in the São Francisco Street.

By the end of the night, about 2 in the morning, the destiny is the Santo Antônio Bakery that serves delicious French bread of cheese, banana, or coconut. And the best thing is that it is all steamy hot, fresh from the oven.

Another famous attraction is the Hollow Rock, a regional landmark that is about 30 minutes away from the village. The winds of Jeri molded and sculpted various rock formations around the edge of the sand and sea.

To know all of these beauties the hint is to make a buggy run that can take you to the Blue Lagoon and Paradise Lagoon, where it’s possible to enjoy the local culinary goodies, or go to the Beach of Tatajuba, that have calm and green waters, big dunes of sands and beautiful palm trees.

Morro de São Paulo

The Morro of São Paulo is located approximately 37 miles of Salvador, the place is part of an archipelago of 26 islands, and from that amount only 6 of them are habited.

Reasons to visit the place are numerous. There you can find many attributes of a real paradise, including species of the Atlantic forest, palm trees, and beaches of crystal clear water and white so white that it reminds us of the most paradisiacal places in the world.


The Morro of São Paulo, district of Cairú, it’s the island that connects the archipelago of Tinharé with the continent. He have five beaches, every one of them is named by their numerical order, First to Fifth beach, also known as the Charming Beach. Besides of having a great a stunning view, the beaches has its own stories and traits individually that tells their trajectory making it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

For those who love aquatic sports like surf, diving, wake board and even some zip-line, the best options is the First Beach, located besides the Village of Morro of São Paulo. The Zip-line by the way is one of the main attractions of the island, always featuring in pics of people that already went to the place.

On the Second Beach you’re going to find a trendier place, day or night. If you’re looking for peace and beaches with less people the best option is the Fourth and Fifth one, they are far from the others, almost desert and it’s sure to give you the rest you need.

Besides of those beaches you can visit others in the same island, you can go there on foot when the sea level is low, with boats or even with an off-road car. These beaches you can explore are: Porto da Pedra, Porto de Cima, Gamboa do Morro, Pratigi e Guarapuá.

If you also like to explore the local culture, Morro of São Paulo won’t leave you down. There you can find many historical monuments that date back to the 17 and 18 century, like the Tapirandú Fortress, built to keep the Dutch away from the place and to protect the Baía de Todos os Santos.

Another historical attraction is the Fonte Grande, built in 1746 to replenish the water of the town’s people and to the inmates that used to be there. Back then the water font was said to be a technological pinnacle. There is also the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, which carries the Morro of São Paulo’s patroness name. You can also go to the Big House, a building originally made to be a flour deposit some centuries ago. The place is a inn nowadays and was once the place of rest of Dom Pedro II, former Emperor of Brazil.

There are also some tours on rowboats and horses. You can enjoy all the wonders of the nature while watching the sunset in the famous Toca do Morcego.

With so many attractions those who visit the Morro of São Paulo always find new reasons to go back to the amazing island. For that, the hint is to brave all the points in the place. Plan your trip and get ready for big adventures!

Porto de Galinhas

A paradise located on Ipojuca, about 37 miles from Recife, that is the best definition of Porto de Galinhas, one of the most pretty and visited beaches of Brazil. With warm blue-green waters, natural pools filled with colorful fishes, sun during the whole year and a great structure. The place is one of those locations you never get tired of visiting; you actually like it even more in every visit.

In the summer time the streets of the village are always full of visitors that come from every corner of the world to know one of the most awarded beaches of Brazil. Even though they come for the natural pools the tourists find that the bay has much more to offer to them.


The calm main beach is not your only choice in Porto de Galinhas, you can also find strong waves in the beach of Mracaípe, place where the part of the World Surf Championship takes place. There is also the possibility to practice nautical sports in the beach of Muro Alto, mainly jet-ski, wakeboard and water ski can be found.

Going back to the central beach of Porto de Galinhas, filled with narrow streets, you’ll find many attractions, like the buggy run through the location that have many palm trees, white sand and a sea the alternates between the green and the blue in a nature’s spectacle. The best trip is the head to tail that goes from Muro Alto to Pontal Maracaípe.

In the village little center the best thing to do is to walk on food throughout the whole extension of the place, enjoying some folks handicraft to gift those you care for, doesn’t matter the age. The most famous pieces of art you can find there are the ceramic chickens that comes in many forms and with a variety of ornaments.

Talking about chickens, in the village you can find some sculptures that go from 1,5 meters to 2 meters in forms of chickens. They are fun to the tourists that take the opportunity to take some pics of the local stars. You can probably find one you’ll love too.

The gastronomy doesn’t let you down either, day or night; you can taste delicious dishes that include the traditional chicken cabidela, carne de sol, and sea fruits. In the night while in the high season you can enjoy the restaurants and also find some parties where the boogie goes until the sunrise. With styles that goes from forró to the electric music. You are sure to find fun for the whole night.

Don’t forget to make the raft to the natural swimming pools, the biggest attraction in Porto de Galinhas. When the sea level is low dozens of rafts takes the tourists from the beach to the wonderful pools just 200 meters from the coast, about 5 mints of rafting. You can use a snorkel to keep a good look on the many fishes of the place.

Praia do Amor (Beach of Love)


Pipa is one of the most incredible places in the Brazilian coast, offering a stunning natural beauty to its visitors that are gifted with amazing beaches and pleases every taste. One of these beaches is the Praia do Amor. The very suggestive name is due the cliffs of the location that have a heart formation.


Besides the romantics feel in the name, the Praia do Amor lures many surfers because of its rad waves, the long trail of sand and the youth that fills the place. In the sand the structure doesn’t let you down; you can find many barracks to relax and to find a big sort of handicraft products that are great to gift family and friends.

For those who like water sports, besides the surf the beach also have bodyboard, for those who want to stay on the sand there is beach tennis, as well as the famous beach volley and soccer.

To have na idea of the wave’s potential the Praia do Amor the beach has 15 points that oscillate from 2 to 8 feet, and winds that goes from 15 to 20 knots, it’s there were the most important surf competitions on Pipa are held, as well as some of the state competitions. That is part of the Pipa’s fame.

The tourists can also vist the location’s natural pools, like the many others in the northeast region this attraction is sure to be one of your favorites, that kinda of memory that we hold forever.

Completing the scenario is the belvedere that rises by the cliffs, an item that makes the whole trip even more incredible. Inclusive, the natural beauties of the beach are a single story. There you’ll find abundant nature and rich wild life, enjoying a view even more amazing of one of the most beautiful beaches of the country.

As a bonus you can also see the rock that gives the beach its name. The place is really pretty, and also makes a great walk for two.

How to get there

During the low level of the sea it’s possible to make it to the Praia do Amor going through Praia do Centro in a walk in the sand. Besides that, next to the parking lot in the end of the main street there is a stairway that you can use to get to the beach.

Where to eat

While in the day, alongside the sea, you can treat yourself with a lot of fried fish while you enjoy the view under a sunshade offered by the bars in the beach. You can also go to the Papillon Restaurant Bar, a mix of restaurant with an art gallery; the place serves many local foods as well as international ones. There is a lot of charm there, right in the center of Pipa, the building is rustic and in the same time, very trendy.

Praia do Madeiro

Ponta do Madeiro - RN

The Rio Grande do Norte’s coast has many surprises to your visitors. Located in Tibaú do Sul, in the famous Baía dos Golfinhos, and only 1.8 miles of the charming Pipa, is the Praia do Madeiro. The beach is one of those surprises that leave you dazzled once you see it and there won’t be a desire to go way, even by the end of the staying.

Its main attractions are the charming dolphins that visit the beach with certain frequency. The dolphins lure many people to the location, it’s an obligatory route for those who wish to take a trip on a boat and see the sea life.

Surrounded by beautiful cliffs the Praia of Madeira has a great extension, and the access to the beach itself is made through rustic stairways that can have up to 160 steps. Although the access is not that easy what you’ll find climbing thousands of steps will make it worthwhile.


The beach is one of the favorites among the tourists that come to the beach, in special those that come from other countries. The visitors have many attractions to enjoy; they can walk in the sand or dive in the green-emerald sea of warm and calm waters.

The tourists can take some surf lessons or just enjoy some relaxing time in the sun while he appreciates the view full of wonders. There is also the possibility of doing some water sports like the standup pedal, rowboats or just stay in the sand and play some beach tennis.

As we’ve said: the dolphins are an attraction that needs no backup, they can be seeing mainly in the early morning. It is really worth to wake up early to enjoy such a show.

In case you want to explore the beauty of the place on its fullest the best option is to do a visit to the Ecologic Sanctuary that is just a big park que many tracks. The most indicated track is the “Trilha do Quati” that counts with the viewing place of dolphins the turtles that have views to the most beautiful points of the whole location. The path to the viewing place takes about one hour and its perfect for you to know everything that the sanctuary has to offer.


It’s possible to go to the Madeiro trough the RN-003 Highway. If you choose for this way you can leave your car in the parking lots located around the cliffs. The path to the beach is made through the various accesses with stairways. Another option is going straight through the highway using a van or a bus that leaves Tibaú do Sul or Pipa every five minutes. For those who like walks there is an access along the sea while the tide is low.

Once you get to the beach you’ll find a nice structure with many barracks and sitting places, also you’ll find bars that can fit your wishes the best way possible.

By the end of the day the way back can be done again via stairway, or if you prefer, you can use the bus or vans to go back to the parking lot where you left your car.



The exotic Trancoso was revisited by the hippies in the 70’s, back in the days when it was just a few houses in a square formation, a church in the back and a panoramic view to the sea. The place is now known as the Big Square.

However, Trancoso had its origins back in 1586 while the Jesuit took the place for home where before was a native area with indigenous that would be colonized by these Jesuits.

After the hippies put the place back in map, the area of Trancoso had a great boost in touristic potential around the 90’s, the boost were possible due the construction of highways and airports.

Main Attractions

One of the most remarkable characteristic of Trancoso is its colorful housing, the Big Square. Built around Praça São João, the square is titled as one of the most valued historical sites of the south of Bahia. It’s there where the best restaurants and stores are set. The place is also where the music shows are played. In the back of its beautiful scenario there is the Church of São João Batista, where you can have a great view of the city.

In the viewing area you can take a look at the turquoise blue sea along with the white sand, colorful cliffs and palm trees that completes this dreamy place. With great structure o Morro Mirante has many bars ready to serve any tourist that visits the place.

When the night comes the Square becomes a big stage of big meetings in restaurants decorated with colored candles and chandeliers that along with the moon and the stars makes the Trancoso night very special.


Of course we can’t leave one of the biggest attractions out of the list. These attractions are no less than the impressive set of beaches that dazzle any visitor. It’s possible to pass through all the beaches on foot exploring the many styles that is sure to please any tastes, from the more calms to the more rush moods.

On the Praia dos Coqueiros, one of the closest to the village, the biggest goers are the tourist in big excursions; they relax and have fun in the barracks that serves fish and sea fruits. The beach has a stunning visual of reefs and palm trees.

The Praia dos Nativos, where the Trancoso River runs into a lagoon, its more visited by hosts of hotels located in the border of the sea, with a great structure it’s easy to find a sofa, chairs, and even DJs playing around.

In Rio da Barra, you can know the whole place on foot, leaving the Praia dos Nativos, or with a car through the access that goes to the Arraial D’Ajuda. The place is filled with palm trees.

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