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Discover how a burning passion gave birth to the Natal Praias

Ricardo Natal Praias


Natal Praias : Hey. All right? This is Ricardo, I am founder of Natal Praias and I’m happy with you here with me.

If questions like these arise?

  • “Which are the best tours that I’m supposed to do?”
  • “Ponta Negra really is the ideal place to host?”
  • “Natal is really the favorite destination of thousands of Brazilians and foreigners?”
  • “What motivation led to Rede Globo have written three novels in Natal land?”
  • ” Wich are the best Restaurants, I’m supposed to Know?”


These are just a few questions I receive, among others, soon you’re in the right place…


Between You and your next trip is the Natal Praias

Passeio de Buggy*Important: This image I just ordered buggy drivers for permission to take a picture it is important to know that only Credentialed Buggy Drivers can drive these dune Buggies. (Clarified that) we’ll continue…

Natal Praias was done for you who loves travel and find out before you even arrive in town all it can offer. Unlike other websites, we have a closer relationship with you that is the Biggest Reason this project exist.

In 2012, after few searching and understand the tourism market of the city, I noticed that there was not yet any portal that represented the city and brings on notorion informations who wants to meet Natal.

Since then, I put on my experience in tourism with the passion for this city and work hard to create the largest portal on Natal that the world has ever seen.

The Mission of the Natal Praias is to be a bridge facilitator in the lives of those who wants to travel for Natal.

I have today a team of journalists that have various profiles that travel at Natal to give reports and tips so that you, the reader, really enjoy of what the city has to offer according to your style.

Natal Praias had completed now in August of 2015 birthday for 3 years, we gave a gift to you.

That’s right, dear reader, you got a new site or a portal as you prefer to call, and also this page ABOUT tells our story that is also new. Speaking at the previous Site, take a look how it was below:

Natal Praias

The trajectory of the Natal Praias

When the Natal Praias arrives, everything was still very new and difficult for me. The quality of the content that I wanted to deliver to the people taking me a long time and the site’s return wasn’t enough to afford.

However, the passion for Natal made me resist and keep working and studying. Dove headlong into the Natal story and I specialized in Digital Marketing so I could fulfill the Mission of the Natal Praias.

In three years of this portal, I’ve learned a lot about the power of communication in people’s lives and how my work can play an important influence in the life of a family that looking for fun, of a couple seeking a honeymoon or even on a foreign national who is seeking the meaning of life.

And if you seek world-class entertainment, Natal is one of the destinations most visited Brazilian by foreigners.

A lot has changed, right?

The portal is already in second version, the latest was developed by professionals of the highest level of web design and branding. I’ve not saved anything for the site could give readers a nice digital environment and that feed even more the desire to meet Natal.

We work as a team to find out the best solutions for navigation was quick, comfortable and straight.

Much of what we did was inspired in design of some of the best Web Designers in the country the Marcio Duarte and his partner Henrique Carvalho. If you need to have a Web site or a personal blog, for your business recommend meeting the Épico. ( Sorry the Èpico, is only in Portuguese)

I give a lot of value to the people, so the idea is that you quickly find everything you’re looking for.

And if you don’t find it, you can send an email to me that I answer in the time!

In addition, you can access the Natal Praias for your phone, tablet or notebook with all the comfort and speed possible.

What Natal Praias won in 3 years?

  • We could serve more than 1 million people with different needs and questions.
  • Each month, we serve more than 70000 people(enough to fill a football stadium twice as Arena Dunnas, located here in Natal and made for the World Cup).
  • We deliver the 5205 people our VIP subscription. (Subscribe for free below).
  • We received more than 20.000 contact email until today.
  • We received about 500 e-mails with unsolicited testimonials, thanks for our work. (You can find out Natal Tips page)

Below you can see the data from Google Analytics Natal Praias.

In 2 years we have received nearly 1 million unique visitors and over 2 million page impressions. 2015-11-05 19-51-23

So, that why we’re here to help you on your trip

I believe that it’s your first time in this beautiful place, and my mission and the Natal Praias family, is make you feel very well, showing every detail of this paradise, must-see tours, hotels in the most beautiful to the most cozy restaurants, where to eat well, where to save, what to do at night, anyway are many things we belonged and each one is made with great care for you in the first contact make sure your decision for our destination, was really right.

If you want to be a part of this community of thousands of visitors who have come and thousands that are yet to come.

Enter your email (it’s free) and receive exclusive content, about the city, tours, must-see tips on where to go, anyway a lot of details to make the experience of your unforget table trip.

We’re 7208 visitors attuned to receive these tips! Join us on this trip!

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*You can rest assured, we never send SPAM and junk mail and you have the free choice to leave the list at any time, our commitment is to your happiness and satisfaction. Combined?

Learn a little of my story and why I love what I do with this project


Before I tell you the fundamental part of all of this, I wanted to introduce myself better to You

It all started in 1995, while I was a teenager that was leaving from Goiânia to spend the holidays in Natal with my mother.

At the invitation of my uncle, I’m spending 1 month in Natal, among with my two brothers. As I’ve always loved beach, I accepted the invitation right away, however the beaches that I knew were on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul because my dad’s Gaucho, and so a few times a year, the whole family gathered there hanging out to visit the beaches.

When we arrived in Natal, I had the charm that I see in the eyes of the people who visit here.

I knew that I didn’t want to come out of Natal. Until today I had no vacation as exciting as those, say with certainty that those days were the best days of my life until today.

But all that is good short-lived. Will be?

I went back to Goiânia, worked and collected money to back the Natal one more time, until in 1997 I was already packed to follow my will.

My passion was so big that soon I was invited to work in a hotel in Ponta Negra.

My passion for service and art of serving began to grow to the point that they were too big for the space I occupied.

In 2003 I became Business Manager of the hotel and started to travel the entire purpose of Brazil disclose Natal and the Hotel, starting from the Northeast, then Southeast, South and Midwest.

I have pleasure in being a knowing person of Brazil almost whole, since the largest capital until the quietest cities of the interior, so the chances of me ever having visited a native land are enormous.

I attended the biggest tourism events in Brazil and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of nice people over the years and that even today are partners and help me spread to the four corners of the world the wonders of Natal.

In 2014 I decided to finish this cycle and start the journey behind the old dream of endeavor.

Today live integrally the fruits of my work with the Natal Praias.


Ricardo Natal Praias

One of the phrases that inspire me on a daily basis is as follows:

“When we love what we do and we have a strong purpose to make things happen, nothing seems impossible.”  Mandella.

Those events I always showed why Natal was the best place in the Country for a vacation and in my opinion also to live.

This is my humble and simple opinion; I respect yours and anyone who thinks differently.

Reasons to visit Natal

  • The travel site Hotel Urbano released a list of the 10 most popular destinations in 2015.
  • Natal was the city that had increased with 200%, getting in front of all the other cities.
  • In addition, we have been the only city in the country mentioned in the Famous National Geographic Magazine as one of 20 places in the world to visit in 2016( National Geographic Source)
  • Is one of the most adored destinations for foreigners, Here’s why.
  • Natal is the most unusual of the Brazilian tourism tours, camel ride, diving in the coral reefs and visitation to the largest cashew tree in the world.
  • Ponta Negra is one of the most beautiful beaches and visited of all Brazil.
  • Natal was the scene of 3 soap opera of the Globo Channel.

Still in Doubt that chose the right destination for your Vacation?



This word I have in this moment, further down you will meet 2 people with that motivates me to give my best to this project to you.

I’m sure there are more thousands of reasons that I am not able to say, here at Natal you can have gastronomic experience at the highest level, parties and internationally renowned parties, and if you practise Windsurf or Kitesurf is the best place for this as it is one of the regions with the strongest winds in the world!

Finally, I, Ricardo Zugno,

“I  strongly believe that Natal can be the best trip of your life, people here can delight you in a special way.

Besides, I also believe that Natal has the special power to make people reflect on their lives and change them for the better after the trip, in fact, your life will never be the same again after Natal..” ~ Ricardo Zugno.

Another phrase that makes my days better:

“” If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go accompanied. African Proverb.


Do you know why I believe all this?

I live it daily and I’ve seen people set foot here and change or find the meaning of their lives.

As the end of afternoon or on a sunny morning, there is here the magic that will make you get in touch with the best of yourself.

I am the result of that magic and I am grateful to all who gave me for Natal.

Sobre Natal Praias

Here was born the greatest treasure of my life: My loved daughter.

And I could not forget to mention my biggest partner and wife, Ortência, that motivated me and do it every day to create the Natal PRAIAS, working beside me in this project and dream.

Now I ask you …

Can you measure your desire to have an incredible experience too?

I invite you to sign the content of Natal Praias for free and see daily the results of a labor of love by people who love what they do.

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I wish that soon you can able your desire to know Natal and have one of the best experiences of your life.

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    Sobre O Autor Ricardo Zugno

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